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The Goldilocks Effect: Finding the Hair Care Products That Are “Just Right” For You

By taking the time to figure out your hair type and goals, you can find the best products for your unique hair type with Divi.

When we think of hair, all sorts of images and words immediately come to mind, varying based on where we are in our own unique hair journey. First, we think of our own hair, the hair of those we are closest to, and those with what I like to call “famous hair.” At 52, I am focused on the health of my hair, what to do with my grays, and how to keep it from thinning out like the women in my family before me.

My thoughts turn to Farrah Fawcett, Rachel from Friends, Rapunzel, and, for some reason, Goldilocks (which is totally not a story about hair). Growing up, I absolutely wanted really long hair (not necessarily Rapunzel length), Farrah’s wings, “the Rachel,” and now I am interested in what is “just right” for me personally. Thank goodness most of us arrive at a place where we support and admire the beauty in others while recognizing that we are all beautifully different.

When thinking about our own hair

Shampoo and conditioner. These are the first decisions in line for many of us on our healthy hair journey. I admit to being in a rut for several years and just using what I’ve always used. That is, until I realized that just because it’s a name brand and it’s a bit pricey does not mean it is doing what you want it to do. 

What we really need is to remove any product buildup (hello, dry shampoo and hair spray), moisturize the scalp (which actually reduces the amount of oil your scalp makes), and address breakage. 

  • Divi Shampoo is made with amino acids to strengthen and prevent breakage, betaine to improve moisture, and tea tree oil to help reduce buildup. There is also peppermint oil in there, an ingredient that gives Divi’s Shampoo its amazing smell and tingling sensation.
  • Divi Conditioner uses plant-based oils like babassu, soybean and flaxseed oils to improve hair smoothness and manageability, as well as jojoba esters to condition and protect the hair. Peppermint oil is also included here for its key benefits and signature smell. 

When worried about genetics

While genetics do determine much of how our hair looks and grows, science allows us some agency with regard to the health of our hair and scalp. There are options to help with thinning, nourishment, product buildup, growth cycles, and root health. 

  • Divi Scalp & Hair Serum uses copper tripeptide-1 to facilitate a clean and hydrated scalp barrier, caffeine to promote thicker and healthier looking hair, tea tree oil to remove product and oil buildup, and amino acids to help reduce breakage. (Have I mentioned the incredible peppermint oil, too?)
  • Divi Hair Vitamins are made with their signature Divi Roots-9 Complex, featuring KSM-66® Ashwagandha Root Extract for stress reduction and Gamma E Blend for its antioxidant properties. They also contain Lustriva®, a biotin complex that is 40x more absorbable than D-biotin found in many other supplements. Together, the ingredients in these vitamins can help promote a healthy hair growth cycle and improve hair fullness and thickness. 

When admiring the healthy hair of others

With age comes wisdom and the ability to appreciate the health and beauty of others. This wisdom also brings awareness of our own personal needs and what works best personally. I tried the bangs, I tried the layered wings, I tried the really long hair, I tried the well known shampoo, and — after all that — I settled on what is “just right” for me.  

It takes a little thought and time to determine what is just right for you. That may mean paying attention to the best style for the shape of your face, the best length for your hair type, and the best ingredients for your hair and scalp needs. To learn more about Divi and see if it is just right for you, visit diviofficial.com/AGEIST and use the code “AGEIST” for 20% off your first order.  

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. Article looked very interesting as there is an huge array of expensive products on the market. How to choose…I hoped to be enlightened!!

    However, when it becomes clear this is an infomercial, it’s an immediate turn off and frankly annoying, just like an itchy scalp!

  2. Good morning! I enjoy reading comments from you all – as we do aim to enlighten, educate, and direct towards products and solutions that we use and have personally vetted. As the author and user of Divi products, I am 52 (soon to be 53!) and also suffer from thinning and dry hair. Divi was born as the founder and CEO was personally struggling from hair loss and what was currently available was not “just right” for her.

    When I try new products, I am the type to “wait and see”. (I did happen to love the minty smell right away.) The shampoo is light yet so hydrating that after a few weeks of use, I actually thought of skipping the conditioner. (I opted to just use a very tiny amount on the ends of my hair.) While we did not mention the Divi serum and vitamins for thinning – I am a big fan of those as well. Hope you all have a wonderful week, we are rooting for you! (pardon the pun…)


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