Cookie Policy

This Cookie Notice is designed to inform you about our collection of information through cookies and similar tracking technologies, including pixel tags, software development kits (SDKs), JavaScript, and device identifiers, collectively referred to as “tracking technologies,” when you access our websites and mobile applications, known as “our Services”. These technologies assist us in differentiating you from other users, enhancing your browsing experience, and improving our Services.

This notice details the types of tracking technologies we employ, the categories of cookies and other trackers installed on your device, their purposes, and your rights regarding their usage. We encourage you to read this notice thoroughly for vital information on our application of these technologies on our websites and mobile apps. Our Privacy Notice should also be consulted, as it explains how and why we collect, store, use, and share your personal data.

We reserve the right to modify this Cookie Notice at any time. Please refer to the “last updated” date at the bottom of this page to determine the most recent update. Any amendments become effective upon posting on our site.

For any inquiries regarding this Cookie Notice, please reach out to us using the contact details provided below.

What Are Trackers?

Trackers are various technologies we employ on our websites and mobile applications. Below, six main types of trackers are outlined. While this list aims to be comprehensive, the types used may vary based on our website and mobile app usage.

a. Cookies

Cookies are small text files sent to or accessed from your web browser or device’s memory. A cookie typically includes the domain it originates from, its lifespan, and a unique number or other identifier. They may also hold data about your device, like user settings, browsing history, and activities conducted while using our Services.

Types of Cookies

  • First-party cookies: Set by us or on our behalf, these cookies facilitate website navigation and efficient content loading. They enable our Services to function properly and remember user preferences (like language or text size) set through user profiles.
  • Third-party cookies: Set by partners and embedded in our websites, these cookies may also be placed by third parties when you browse our websites and use our mobile apps.

Cookie Duration

  • Session cookies: These exist only during your visit and expire upon closing your browser.
  • Persistent cookies: These remain on your browser until a set expiration date or manual deletion. Their lifespan varies based on their purpose.

You can manage cookie preferences in your browser settings. Refusing cookies may impact your experience and limit functionality on our site.

b. Pixel Tags

Also known as web beacons or bugs, pixel tags are tiny transparent images on web pages or messages. They log visits to pages or messages and can read or set cookies. Their effectiveness can be impaired by disabling cookies, but they can still detect page visits.

c. JavaScript

JavaScript is a scripting language used for writing trackers that measure interaction with our websites and others.

d. SDKs

Software Development Kits, provided by digital vendors, are embedded in our mobile apps to collect and analyze device and user data.

e. Device Identifiers

These unique, user-resettable identifiers, stored on the device, are used for marketing and advertising purposes across apps and devices.

When accessing our websites via mobile devices, we may collect and transmit device IDs and other device information.

f. ID Synching

Our digital and marketing vendors may link data from your browsing or other sources through ID synching for ad targeting. This involves matching tracker IDs with those in other databases, likely associated with you, to determine ad relevance.

Why and How Do We Use Trackers?

We utilize trackers on our websites and mobile apps to distinguish you from other users, thus enhancing your experience and the functionality and security of our Services.

Categories of Trackers and Their Purposes

  • Strictly Necessary Trackers: Essential for website operation, they respond to service requests like setting privacy preferences or logging in.
  • Performance Trackers: These aggregate data on visits and traffic sources for performance improvement.
  • Analytics Trackers: A subset of performance trackers, they gather data on website usage for audience measurement.
  • Functional Trackers: They enhance website functionality and personalization.
  • Targeting Trackers: Set by advertising partners, they build a profile of your interests for relevant advertising.

Rejecting certain trackers may affect our Services’ functionality and your overall experience. For any further questions contact