Jennifer Walsh, 53: Life Is About Beauty

Jennifer Walsh is a true outsider. After a divorce and selling her business, she found walking, specifically long walks in nature, became a way of life for her. It was a long way from her past go-go world of women’s beauty. From walking each day to camping all summer, this serial entrepreneur is passionate about the effects of nature on work, life, and the space between. Based in Manhattan, and a beauty and wellness powerhouse, she...

Clayton Crawley, 59: Embracing the Unknown

Clayton has come a long way from his rural background in deep Georgia while still embodying the easy, practical life skills he learned from his farm days. Married, gay, an ordained Episcopal minister, New Yorker, design enthusiast, and tech...

Faith Agugu, 59: Growing With Time

Faith Agugu has always looked forward to her birthday. Another year to build a community. To swim in the ocean. And to inspire everyone she meets to think of aging as a gift and a privilege. A psychotherapist and self-proclaimed “elder...

John Frankel, 62: The Curiosity Dynamo

The deeply thoughtful, open, and energetic John Frankel has been blessed his entire life with a drive to learn and to explore. This energized curiosity has powered him through a career at the highest levels of finance, and now...

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