Tom McCook, 60: Tap Into Your Body’s Wisdom

To be alive is to move, but how many of us consider how we are moving? We can be very fit using the usual metrics, but that doesn’t matter that much if we are moving inefficiently or even moving in a way that may be harming us. Lifting, running, exercising in all ways is good, but optimizing how we move is even better. It is similar to the difference between eating the correct foods...

Giselle Fernandez, 61: Retirement Is Not in My Vocabulary

There was a time in the world of TV news when a woman’s career could have shamefully been over far before she had fully mastered the art of human storytelling. Fortunately for Emmy Award-winning journalist Giselle Fernandez, those days...

Cliff Hakim, 71: Why Kindness and Conversation Can Reset the Internet Age

They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice but, for Cliff Hakim, a lifelong inspiration ‘storm chaser,’ it’s hit three times in later life. At 55, he wrote a book on the premise that everyone is actually self-employed now and...

Amelia Backman, 63: The Beauty of Change

Amelia Backman has had a front-row view of society’s perception of age. Working since she was 17 as a model, she has been in the most age-sensitive of industries for decades.  That she is continuing to work at 63...

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