Wendy Troxel: Sleep Science for Everyone

Sleep, along with movement, nutrition, and de-stressing, is one of the four key pillars we feel are essential to live a long, healthy life. Oddly, it can be the one that is most troublesome while simultaneously most pooh-poohed. We tend not to really dwell much on this one-third of our lives we spend sleeping, assuming that not much goes on there. The reality is that a ton of stuff is going on while we...

Walter Jennings, 61: Super-Aging in Hong Kong

The expat life is not for everyone but, for those with a thirst to learn and live in a new culture, it can lead to a remarkably rich life. Walter Jennings has come a long way, from a modest...

Francesca James, 71: The Gift of Intuition

Where do you live? Inglewood, CA. How old are you? 71. How is the experience of aging different for someone of color? I can’t speak on behalf of other ethnicities; I can only speak on behalf of myself, as a Black Woman. I’ve experienced...

Denis Noble, 86: The Science and Art of Longevity

Innovator, scientist, musician, ballroom dancer, and Oxford University Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology Denis Noble could be lying back reminiscing about developing the first mathematical model of cardiac cells way back in 1960 when he was in his twenties. Instead,...

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Missy Greis, 54: Spreading Positivity

Missy owns and runs an award-winning chain of coffee shops. Interestingly, she is coming from basically zero knowledge of that business. Being open, curious,...