Grant Barth, 57: Prioritizing Work-Life Balance

Finding peace while being very much in the whirlwind world of running a global branding agency, Grant Barth is thriving in the small mountain town of Park City, Utah. This year has seen a revitalized focus on his health, his family, and his work-life balance. A big part of this is an emphasis on his fitness which, with him being the principal of his agency and also the founder of the yearly Neon Rodeo...

Lauren Wittels, 56: Happier Than Ever

At 56, Lauren Wittels has never been happier. A longtime New Yorker and partner in the Luhring Augustine art gallery, she brings her passion for art and fashion to life daily. Happier now than ever, she leans into her...

Doug Lewis, 59: Commitment and Purpose

We all may go through changes and challenges, some of which may lead us to question our worth and identity. With an elite athlete, that change is immediate and extreme. It is almost a parable for those of us...

Marilyn Kirschner, 74: Aesthete and Fashion Maven

Marilyn, at 74, is entirely unapologetic for her age, having never had any cosmetic adjustments, not even Botox. But she is not some wallflower looking for invisibility. An aesthete is defined as a person who has a sensitivity towards...

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Benoit Malphettes, 77: Freedom

Approaching 80, and freed from the bounds of commercial and fashion photography, Benoit is soaring in new visual adventures, fully realizing the magic of...