It can take a long time to figure out how life should be lived.

When you are younger, there is seemingly no shortage of templates or advice, role models or influencers. But these seem to disappear once you hit your prime. And at a time when media and brands really haven’t managed to understand, market or speak to any generation above the age of 40 we felt it was time to shine a light on a new mindset and way of living.

So we started AGEIST. We are the connectors of this new vital, vivid cohort who are living life with goals and ambitions not imagined even a generation ago.

We want to paint the picture of what living life looks like once you hit your prime. It was apparent we needed a new language and visual direction for our mission and audience. We want to show our people in a way that was empowering, personal and true to themselves — as opposed to what society has come to impose on them.

We want to show a new approach to health, personal goal setting, relationships, style, and culture. We want to provide a new outlook on what people young and old should expect to achieve and experience in their life.

Our digital publication is just one of the ways to get the word out. We hold events large and small for our community to connect and exchange experiences. We created a best in class newsletter with a global circulation. We also work with a small select group of brands as we believe they can have a powerful effect on the culture.