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How to Better Co-Sleep With Your Partner

Co-sleeping can be a bonding activity, but can also negatively affect sleep quality. Here's how to get a great night's sleep, together.

For many of us, sleeping is a social activity. As we learned from our SuperAge podcast episode with sleep expert Wendy Troxel, the bed itself is social and there are social consequences to not getting a good night’s sleep: grouchy sleep partners. In addition to reducing stimulations like noise and light, once you’re in bed, movement coming from a partner can be a disturbance that gets in the way of good sleep – disturbances like covers stealing and the responses to covers stealing. We know, we’ve been there.

Partner movement can definitely have an effect on sleep quality, especially if your partner is a restless sleeper or if there is a significant difference in sleep preferences (e.g., one partner prefers a firm mattress while the other prefers a softer mattress). This can lead to disturbances in sleep, which impacts overall sleep quality. Many people swear by sleeping in a separate bed from their partner, but to have two separate beds can be costly to both one’s wallet and their relationship. 

Eight Sleep‘s products help couples enjoy higher quality sleep while still sharing the same bed. Their Pod Cover features a variety of technologies designed to reduce partner disturbance and promote better sleep. The temperature autopilot feature can be programmed to adjust the temperature of each side of the bed separately, allowing each partner to customize their sleep environment to their preference, eliminating mid-sleep disputes over who gets the duvet. No more blanket hogging or thermostat squabbles. Each side of the Pod can cool or heat from 55°-110°F. The Pod detects when each person falls asleep and automatically adjusts temperature through the night, turning on and off based on your individual schedules. Additionally, the GentleRise Alarm feature quietly wakes only one person in the morning by gradually warming the bed and vibrating softly. This means no more loud, obnoxious alarm clocks.

Sleeping in the same bed promotes more of the feel-good bonding hormone oxytocin. Sleeping in separate beds can lead some couples to feel defeated and miss the benefits of co-sleeping, not to mention the financial cost of another bed, bedding, and even another bedroom. We all need and want a good night’s sleep, and generally we prefer to be with our partner. The overall optimal solution is a bed that adjusts to each person’s temperature preferences while mitigating the sensations of movement by your sleeping partner. Hello, Eight Sleep.

Use code AGEIST at checkout for an additional $50 off your Eight Sleep order sitewide.

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. I cannot believe you didn’t address snoring as a factor in co-sleeping. It feels like the articles from this issue of Ageist were designed to do one thing: sell a mattress. I don’t mind promotional content, but when it is the primary source of the entire issue it’s bothersome. Your product reviews mean something to me, but I want to see that you are also addressing other related issues. If you had recommendations for snoring (and devices etc) I probably would have checked them out. If the issue is just going to address links to products (and corresponding payments to you presumably), you’re not serving your audience well, in my opinion.

  2. I totally agree and you have taken the words right out of my mouth!
    I am even considering unsubscribing, as it is not the first time I am disappointed for similar reasons. This particular article is simply just an advert and did not truly address the points and issues of poor sleep.

  3. > “to have two separate beds can be costly to … one’s wallet”
    > *Proceeds to recommend a $2000+ bedding system*

    Err so… Which one is it, lol??

  4. Yes, this article seemed like total product placement. Which happens a lot at Ageist, mixed in with some great stories and interviews.


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