David Harry Stewart, Keynote Speaker

David is the founder and face of AGEIST, a media company and agency that champions the vitality, capabilities and influence of the modern 50+. He is a passionate leading authority on the mindset and aspirations that drive this influential demographic.

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Speaking Topics

Learn How to SuperAge

Sleep, Nutrition, Exercise, and Stress Reduction– Keys to a Long, Healthy Life. 

Decades of speaking with top health, wellness, and fitness leaders has led David to valuable insights when it comes to making the most of our increasingly long lifespans. Are you excited to lead a healthy, happy life into your 80’s, 90’s, 100’s? Learn all about the “big 4 rocks” of healthspan, and how massive lifestyle changes start with small, intentional adjustments.

Connect with a Crucial Demographic

Get to Know the Financially-Empowered 50+ Consumer

The majority of marketing to this most powerful of all consumer cohorts at best fail, and at worst alienate. David will demonstrate how looking at attitudinal groups–not ages–works, and the importance of knowing your lane.

The Longevity Revolution


What happens when 90 year olds are starting businesses and remaining consumers? How will employers manage a 5 generational workforce? How will everything from the housing market, to corporate promotions, to the current youth-oriented focus of our economy change? Find answers to these questions and more.

Encore Careers

Keep Doing Big Things

Many people want to keep working after leaving their primary career, for reasons of financial need, personal gratification, and social recognition. Some may know exactly what they want to do, for others the unlimited options can be overwhelming. A big step here is discerning purpose from passion, and seeing how income, time, and energy are integral parts of the decision making process.

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