Measuring What Is Aging Us, With Ryan Smith

What is age, how do we measure it, and what are the personalized actions we can take? Ryan Smith, expert on epigenetic aging tests, discusses the advancements in health diagnostics, how granular, personalized health metrics can predict and improve longevity by identifying the biological markers of aging, making healthcare specific to each of us, and more.

What is age? What are its markers and how can we take actions to improve them on a personalized basis? This week, we sit down with Ryan Smith, founder of TruDiagnostic and a leading figure in the evolving field of biological age testing, to explore the remarkable advancements in health diagnostics. Ryan discusses the development of personalized health metrics that not only measure biological age with unprecedented precision but also provide actionable health insights. Delving into the science behind these innovations, Ryan explains how these metrics can predict and improve individual health outcomes by identifying the biological markers of aging. Our conversation provides a fascinating look into how cutting-edge science is transforming our approach to health and longevity, making personalized healthcare a reality.

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Key Moments

“The best models will come from integrating multiple data sets. But for the sake of time, convenience, and price, we’re trying to consolidate all into just epigenome methylation. We think it’s uniquely suited to do that.”

“So you can actually get the test back and say, ‘Where do I rank among the TruDiagnostic cohort for my glucose? Is it higher or lower than average? Is my fat higher?’ ”

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