Since You Asked: Love and Politics

Elections, yikes! Don't let political differences torpedo your relationship during this election season. Susan has a fun take on navigating these choppy waters.

Dear Susan,
My husband and I share very different political beliefs. With the upcoming election, I am concerned about our relationship. Can you share some advice to make sure we don’t have a new president and a divorce?

A Concerned Voter.

Dear Concerned Voter,
Ah, the joys of political disagreement in the household. It’s like trying to agree on toppings for a pizza — everyone has their favorite, and sometimes it feels like you’re arguing over pineapple vs pepperoni instead of gun control and women’s rights.

First, let’s acknowledge the elephant (or donkey) in the room. See what I did there? Political differences can be a tad, well, explosive. But fear not! Here are some tips to navigate this year’s electoral minefield:

1) Laugh It Off
I use humor for so many things in my life. Maybe do some improv; like, each of you take the other’s position (in a humorous way). If things get heated, then it’s time for a joke.

2) Compromise, Compromise, Compromise 
Perhaps you can only discuss politics at a certain time and never before bed. Agree to a “no-politics zone.”

3) Channel Your Inner Diplomat 
Approach any political discussion calm, collected, and armed with facts. Maybe listen to podcasts with different perspectives. This is not about winning the argument but understanding each other’s point of view.

4) Vote for Love
This is the most important part of my answer.
The United States will celebrate 250 years in 2026 and love is still what we need more than ever.

We live in a great country founded by people of different perspectives. 
Vote for love, and the most important victory will be maintaining a strong and healthy relationship.

Wishing you more love and fewer debates,
Susan (master of political puns)

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. If my partner was a Republican, I couldn’t laugh it off, compromise or channel my inner diplomat. Divorce would be the only solution.


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