We are the experts and your guide to authentically engaging with this discerning consumer. With a deep understanding of their mindset, we speak directly to their aspirations and inspire action.
AGEIST Media and Brand Services

"As David Stewart keeps telling the Fortune 500 companies now beating a path to his door, desperate to find out how to talk to these people; these people who, despite having lived more, rather than less of their lives, who otherwise feel inside much as they did when they were 30, who still laugh, love, play, ponder, hope, and even covet now as they did before . . ."

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Consulting Services

As the voice and champion for the modern 50+ demographic, our brand consultancy offers a unique understanding of the mindset that represents 83% of U.S. household wealth and purchasing power. We provide actionable recommendations for how to authentically connect to this vibrant demographic, whether that is through product and business model development, visual identity, communication, or social platforms. Our insights are rooted in an optimistic viewpoint of human behavior that is quantified and validated through research and brand expertise.

AGEIST Research and Insights

Being cool is ageless and our POV speaks to all generations, ethnicities, and walks of life. In understanding their mindset and speaking directly to their aspirations, we offer:

  • Data-driven, actionable recommendations to support brand initiatives
  • Digital and in-person ethnographies
  • Focus groups (either in a facility or specially constructed environments)
  • Leading-edge and mass-market research panels
  • Mixed qualitative and large scale quantitative research programs
  • Vetted consumer subject groups
  • White papers

Services and Brand
Partner Opportunities

With a unique 360-degree ecosystem, we provide thought leadership and create content.

  • Written word, editorial and photography creation
  • White papers, articles, infographics, and case studies
  • Social media content development and channel recommendations
  • Hyper-targeted placement and syndication through our network of media partners
  • Event design and products targeting the AGEIST consumer
  • Ad placement on our digital properties including newsletter, site and social
  • Keynote presentations and webinars
  • Long- and short-form moving images
  • Art direction and design

Some of the brands we have worked with to help them reach this market:

AGEIST Content

One of the most difficult issues facing brands today is how to effectively and aspirationally communicate with this influential and valuable demographic. As people age, their values and lifestyles radically diverge. We understand this in a granular way and help our brand partners to successfully navigate a minefield around verbiage, visuals and strategy. How does a brand authentically communicate with this older customer without alienating their younger customers? This is where we excel.

AGEIST offers a best-in-class range of content creation, production and syndication services championing the 50+. We created the vocabulary and we understand it better than anyone. Rooted in a deep understanding of our people and our excellence in storytelling, we help brands generate content and develop messaging that connects with the heart of consumers - inspiring them to take action.


AGEIST owns and operates a number of media channels that speak to a significant and consistently growing audience - an audience who identifies with the AGEIST lifestyle. Our messaging defies age - we have almost as many audience members under the age of 50 as we do over 50. Proving the growing importance of an aspirational approach to consumers and readers of all ages.

The AGEIST Weekly Magazine

Launched in August 2015 as a newsletter, our weekly magazine is a visual representation of how life after 50 is lived, experienced and understood. Each week we tell the story of a north star, an individual who embodies our values. Our feature profiles are a living example of what is possible, expanding the imagination. We complement our profiles with articles full of information on longevity, wellness, culture, travel, fashion, and design.

The SuperAge Podcast

Our readers asked, and we delivered. We chat with leading scientists, doctors, economists, and cultural icons of our age to demystify the cutting edge science and big cultural movements. Through conversations with people leading the research and practice of our time. It’s conversational, authentic, entertaining, accessible - and sometimes controversial. With well over half-a-million downloads, we show you how to SuperAge. Thought leader guests include:

  • Carré Otis, Supermodel
  • Kathy Smith, Fitness Icon
  • Nir Barzilai, PhD, Metformin Advocate
  • Cheryl Ladd, Actress
  • Steven Smith, Yeezy sneaker designer
  • Joan MacDonald, Over 70 Fitness Phenom
  • Chip Conley, Author and Founder: MEA Academy
  • Dr. Gil Blander, MIT, Founder: InsideTracker
  • John Foley, Blue Angels Pilot
  • Dr. Jeff Spencer, High Performance Coach and 3-Time Olympian
  • Dr. Morgan Levine, Yale Genetics Researcher


We see a new life phase that has emerged somewhere between the onset of old age and full adulthood. It is a new moment. As such, needs role models, actionable information, and a spirit of empowerment that has been sorely lacking until now. AGEIST is the backbone and repository of all of our insights, research, and features on the topic.


Inspiring, attainable examples of lives well-lived


How to live longer and better: fitness, food, health, longevity


Stay connected: arts & culture, books, celebrity


Life needs meaning: jobs, money


The tools to live better: home, tech, and lifehacking


Looks count: beauty, fashion, accessories


Explore and expand: cities, destinations, hotels, restaurants

Strategic Briefing

Built from our ongoing research program and proprietary driver-based behavior framework, the AGEIST Strategic Briefing explores emergent trends, attitudes, and behaviors of our people answering the sector-specific questions of our clients. The result of thousands of hours of interviews, in-home ethnographies, and our quant data findings, the briefing (which can be delivered as either a half or full-day session), helps business leaders, HR departments, product teams and marketing organizations understand how to authentically connect with and stay ahead of the needs and values of this vital, influential demo.

Speaking Engagements

David Stewart is called upon frequently to share his expertise and insight at important venues and forums around the world. If you’re looking for an interesting motivational speaker, contact answers@weaareageist.com.


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That is when David stumbled upon a market that was being largely ignored. He now runs the AGEIST media company that focuses on people blazing new trails later in life.

He’s created a kind of ”vogue” for older people, which he calls: 'AGEIST.'

AGEIST is a beautiful bid to counter society's obsession with youth.

Stewart is redefining what it means to age. 'There's a mass delution that everyone over a certain age is defective,' Stewart says. AGEIST aims to make aging 'aspirational'.

This demographic is starting new careers, reinventing themselves and creating new products, companies, nonprofits, or, in Stewart's case, a social movement reinventing aging.

AGEIST is helping readers visualize a lifelong vitality and spirit that even those under 30 want to pursue.

The most powerful consumer today is a woman aged 47 to 57; brands are selling to these women but they are not marketing to them.

Stewart brings unique insights into this impactful demographic.

David Stewart delivered a much-needed wake-up call to the senior living industry at the SMASH conference. How later life is lived is going to change dramatically, and David and AGEIST are ahead of the curve in understanding what this all means for business. David speaks to this with passion, style and wit.

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