Peptides – The Future of Medicine: Kien Vuu, MD

What are peptides and what are the benefits? What are some of the cautions? How are peptides administered? How can I find a doctor who is trained in anti-aging or functional medicine?

Dr. Kien Vuu has joined us on the SuperAge podcast twice before to share his knowledge on Regenerative and Anti-Aging medicine and today he joins us to dive into the topic of peptides, of which he is an expert. Peptides can help with performance, sexual health, skin health, hormone balance, gut health, immunity, and more. How? Dr. Vuu explains the lofty subject of peptides in an approachable way. He discusses the many benefits of incorporating peptides into our routines and lets us know where to start.

“A lot of the protein function as well as the peptide function decrease with age.”

“There is detriment when you try to push yourself too much. And as a physician in the anti-aging space, you have to kind of judge what is safe for the patient and what is not.”

“It is the habits we have that dictate whether we have optimal health and the performance we want, or we are in a stress state.”

“There are a lot of black market peptides going on right now so be aware of them.”

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Connect with Dr. Kien Vuu:
Website – https://kienvuu.com
Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/kienvuuMD/
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/kienvuuMD
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/kienvuumd

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Test to take to determine growth hormone deficiency: IGF1
Peptides mentioned by Dr. Kien Vuu:
BPC157 – healing peptide
Selank – cognitive
Semax – cognitive
PT141 – sexual health
TB500 – healing peptide, angiogenesis in the body
Epitalon – longevity, DNA repair
Kisspeptin – increase testosterone in male bodies

How to find an anti-aging or functional medicine physician:
The International Society of Functional Medicine https://www.ifm.org
American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine https://www.a4m.com


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