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A Return to Form: Overcoming Illness With Maren Jensen

Maren Jensen, former actress and advocate for health and longevity, discusses her transition from the Hollywood big-time to being sidelined by illness, how she battled chronic health issues, and how she maintains her health now.

This week on the SuperAge podcast, we are joined by Maren Jensen, a former actress known for her role in Battlestar Galactica and a vibrant advocate for health and longevity. Maren opens up about her transition from the glitz of Hollywood to battling chronic health issues, which reshaped her approach to wellness and self-care. Her story is not just about challenges but also about profound transformation and the power of integrative medicine. Today, at 67, she’s a testament to the benefits of mindfulness and a balanced lifestyle that includes meditation and a careful diet. Our conversation covers everything from her early career to her current health practices and her latest venture into nutritional supplements.

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Key Moments
“You do have to sort of muster whatever strength you have and really focus on how you can think better. What’s your plan of attack, whether it’s online or what you can do better?”

“You’re as strong as your weakest link. So, you can have robust health and yet have one serious problem and that could be your downfall, even though, you know, 95% of you is fantastic. And we’ve all seen this happen.”

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Full Transcript

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