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Since You Asked: Menopause and Weight Gain

Don't recognize your body in menopause? Find your way back to strength and overall health with Susan's tips. Check out Susan's incredible physical transformation in her 60s in the image above.

Dear Susan,
As a woman gracefully entering menopause, I’ve somehow managed to acquire an extra 60 lbs of extra weight. I am eager to reacquaint myself with my health and finally shed these pounds, but I don’t want to take Ozempic! Help with this menopause and weight gain!!

Dear Lost in Menopause,
As you wade through the swamp of menopause, weight gain may seem like an inevitable parting gift from your youth. But fear not; there is hope!

First, let’s make peace with macronutrients. Think of them like the cast of a reality show: everyone needs to play their part.

Protein is your loyal friend (something women need more of) and helps you stay full and toned. Fats are divas that keep things running smoothly but can turn on you if you let them steal the spotlight. Carbs are the flaky friends who are fun in small doses but disastrous in a binge.

Now, about lifting weights: think of them as the most important part of this show. No, you don’t need to bench press your sofa (unless you’re rearranging the living room), but strength training is key in stoking your metabolism and protecting your bones.

Last but not least is mindset work. Exploring your “why.” It’s like cleaning out your closet. What are you keeping that doesn’t fit?

Whether it’s chasing grand babies or just feeling like yourself again, your “why” is like finding that perfect dress at a Nordstrom anniversary sale: it just clicks.

So, get ready to turn those menopause and weight gain lemons into the zestiest lemonade mocktail you’ve ever tasted. You are putting yourself first and reclaiming your new life with a bang!

I like to say that if Nike and L’Oréal had an ad it would say: “Just do it, because you’re worth it.”

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. This was a great article: short and sweet. I liked the metaphors comparing macronutrients to friends and “Just do it because you’re worth it” at the end.


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Susan Guidi
Susan Guidi has been the owner of Advanced Ultrasound Services for more than 25 years. She is a pioneer in diagnostic ultrasound technology. Susan trained at John Hopkins Hospital. She taught some of the first courses in ultrasound in Chile and then received her master’s degree in Paris, France. She is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 7. In her spare time Susan is a standup comedian and improv artist. At 65 she became a bodybuilder and motivational speaker. Last year at 66 she produced, wrote and performed her One Woman Show, "What if Wonder Woman was 66."


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