Knees, Hips and Age With Dr. Vonda Wright, Orthopedic Surgeon and Team Doctor

Pain-free mobility is essential to a good life. Dr. Vonda Wright discusses joint health, the significance of maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, the impact of strength in protecting and supporting our joints, and more.

In this week’s SuperAge podcast, we’re joined by Dr. Vonda Wright, an orthopedic sports doc and surgeon renowned for her expertise in athletes and active individuals of all ages. Dr. Wright delves into the complexities of joint health, emphasizing the importance of cartilage and its vulnerability to wear and trauma. She underscores the significance of maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle and the critical role of strength in protecting and supporting our joints. Her insights extend from the nuances of treating elite athletes to offering holistic strategies for those seeking to sustain their physical health into later life. Dr. Wright’s approach is not just about treating the joint but about treating the whole person, and we love that.

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Key Moments

“But also one of the ‘clinical knowns’ of aging is the pillar of inflammation. Inflammation is one of the 12 pillars of aging. And as we accumulate enough birthday candles to set our kitchens on fire, our bodies deal with inflammation less and less well, and that just contributes to this picture of cartilage wear, which is arthritis.”

“Once you start wearing down your cartilage, it creates an inflammatory environment, that we can measure in the joint fluid, which leads to more wear and tear and becomes a cycle. Before I go on with that, I want everybody listening to know that there are profound studies, however, that show that a lifetime of things like endurance running do not cause arthritis; because you’ll hear some very misled doctors say, ‘You better stop running or you’re going to give yourself arthritis.’ ”

“How can you create an anti-inflammatory lifestyle? Number one, I want to de-inflame your whole body by cutting out simple sugars and wasteful, simple carb foods. Right? Our bodies are not trash compactors. It matters what you put in them, especially if you want to get out of inflammatory pain.”

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