New Discovery About Inflammation & Aging

New Discovery About Inflammation & Aging

Researchers have identified a key driver of chronic inflammation that accelerates aging. The culprit is improper calcium signaling in the mitochondria of certain immune cells, specifically macrophages. With age, these macrophages lose their ability to take up and use calcium, leading to chronic inflammation responsible for age-related conditions like heart disease and neurodegenerative disorders. The researchers suggest that increasing calcium uptake by these immune cells could prevent harmful inflammation and its effects, potentially leading to longer and healthier lives. This discovery opens up new therapeutic strategies to target age-associated inflammation and boost the immune system in old age. However, fixing this “inflammaging” won’t be as simple as taking calcium supplements, as the problem lies in the macrophages’ inability to use calcium properly. Nonetheless, understanding the molecular machinery involved in this process paves the way for potential biomedical interventions in the future.


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