The Art of Running at Any Age: David Richman

How should we be running? What are forefront, mid strike, and heel strike running? How did David transform his running form? What is the benefit of shortening our stride length? What is the importance of having a strong core for running? Why should we increase our cadence? What sort of shoes should we wear to run?

David Richman, 18-time Ironman athlete and marathon runner, joins us on the SuperAge podcast to discuss how we should be running. David didn’t start running until he was 38. He is now 58 and has no intention of slowing down. David shares why we might need to change the way we run, how to avoid injuries, why we need to increase our cadence, the importance of having the right shoes, and more. 

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00:00:00 Welcome to the SuperAge podcast
00:00:40 About today’s episode
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00:06:09 Welcome to our guest, David Richman
00:06:33 David Richman’s running history
00:07:20 Different running styles
00:10:50 What it was like to learn a new running style
00:13:22 How David changed his running style
00:17:27 Running injuries
00:24:47 Finding the right running shoes
00:29:49 Our responsibility to investigate how to improve
00:31:24 The mental benefits of running
00:36:12 Thank you for listening 

“As we get older, we want to become more efficient and also lower our propensity for injuries.” 

“The impact of running is severe and if you’re overstriding and hitting with your heel, you are going to get some injuries quick. You’re not going to be able to run 6 or 8 or 10 miles because you’re going to be a complete wreck.” 

“Shoes are super, super, super important. But everybody’s feet are different and your feet handle things differently.” 

“I’m 58. I’m getting ready to do a half Ironman in a few weeks and just did a 24-hour bike ride and I’m going to still do some Ultra Marathons. I didn’t do my first run ever as an adult until I was 38 years old. At 58, I still feel like I’ve got plenty of miles ahead of me.” 

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