Susan Feldman on Starting a Women’s Digital Business in Her 60s

YBL speaker and 60+ entrepreneur Susan Feldman talks to AGEIST about filling a void in the market with her newest business Get In The Groove.

Women our age are leading the push in starting new businesses. We will be having a number of these north star female entrepreneurs speaking at YBL on how they started a successful business at an age their parents may have retired. Today we catch up with Susan Feldman who founded One Kings Lane, then launched her new business Get In The Groove. 

AGEIST: We hear about a lot of women our age starting businesses. Why are you starting a new business in your 60s?

Susan Feldman: Necessity is the mother of invention…as a woman in her 60s I couldn’t find a place online that was speaking to me in a fun, modern way. I thought, “Where online do women in my demo go to get inspiration about how to navigate the challenges of growing older with style and grace?” After looking around I found that our interests were not well represented. There were no online destinations for women our age that shared their keen intelligence, impeccable taste, hard-earned wisdom and, most importantly, their wicked sense of humor. So I thought, “Someone has got to make this right and it might as well be me.”  Enter Get In The Groove ….a lifestyle destination for age-defying women.

AGEIST: How is starting a digital business now different from when you started One Kings Lane?

Susan Feldman: It is like night and day. There is a lot of noise out there today to break through to create awareness of what you are doing. In 2009 when we started One Kings Lane, if you can believe it Instagram had not even started.

AGEIST: In the Groove focuses on women’s fashion, beauty, and health/wellness for people our age. Why did you pick this lane?

Susan Feldman: Get In The Groove curates editorial content about what to see, do and hear to stay in the know. The site aims to reflect, with good humor, profiles of role models, beauty, fashion and health information, tech tips and, of course, shopping…lots of shopping because we can’t help ourselves.

I hope that our reader comes to us daily to find out what is the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, and wellness.

AGEIST: How long have you been up and running?

Susan Feldman: We launched Get In The Groove the end of September 2018 — about 6 1/2 months ago.

AGEIST: This consumer is thought to use digital in a different way than millennials.

Susan Feldman: We have been learning a lot about our “girl.” Actually, we are “our girl” so we know she does not suffer fools lightly, and does not want to be brow beaten, so we try to be smart and not waste her time. She does not share lightly, meaning that a millennial will forward an email or add a “like” without a second thought and this is not the case for our generation of hippies and feminists. She remembers what it was like to have “big brother watching” and she is thoughtful about both criticism and praise. She won’t pass along something she doesn’t believe in.

Susan Feldman will be speaking at YBL, the first ever symposium addressing the new 50+: how we are living today, and what we want.  June 11, 2019 in Los Angeles. Buy your tickets here.

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