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Elaine Morrison, 51. How Healing Hashimoto’s, Hair Loss, and Fatigue With Collagen Created a Business

With her collagen brand, Elaine Wellness, Elaine Morrison is "changing the narrative for women around beauty and aging"

Elaine Morrison found herself in her 40s, battling Hashimoto’s disease and facing extreme burnout from her career. When searching for answers from professionals, she was told that it was normal for women in their midlife to not feel good and she didn’t like that answer. This led her down a path of researching how to heal herself holistically, which led her to collagen. Incorporating collagen into her health routine was part of the equation that healed her unexpected health issues. Now, she is on a mission to help others battling similar health issues through her collagen brand, Elaine Wellness.

Elaine knows what it means to reinvent yourself. She started her career in retail at the age of 16, developing customer service skills and an understanding of how to deal with people. After studying Art History in college, she transitioned into the fashion industry, selling textile designs and forecasting upcoming trends.

Wanting a slower paced career, she found herself in the health and wellness space, working as a Pilates instructor in LA. With this new career change came new successes and stresses.

“I was burning the candle at both ends working six days a week teaching and managing two Pilates studios for a private club in Los Angeles.”

Suddenly, Elaine’s health broke down and she was facing extreme burnout. She was told that it was normal for women in midlife to not feel well.

“Questioning and learning are so important throughout all areas of our lives”

“I didn’t like that answer so I read everything I could find to figure out how to reverse my symptoms that I had been told by medical professionals could only be managed with medications. Questioning and learning are so important throughout all areas of our lives.”

At the height of her health issues, Elaine was struggling with hair loss, incessant fatigue, dull skin, and Guttate psoriasis from her scalp to her ankles. It was time for her to take matters into her own hands. She began researching holistic ways of healing her body from two autoimmune diseases which led her to the realization that health, beauty, and living better are all connected. This realization is what brought her high-quality collagen brand, Elaine Wellness, to life.

Interconnectedness of Health and Beauty

What were some of the fears you had about starting a business in midlife? 

“Like most entrepreneurs, I had the fear of failure and the fear of ‘Am I smart enough to do this?’ I’ve had to learn so much technology as a direct-to-consumer business and that really scared me at first. I’ve found people who are incredibly knowledgeable who’ve helped and encouraged me and I am happy to say I’ve learned a lot of different systems over the past year. Having enough money to start out is always a factor but it forces you to become scrappy and resourceful.”


Why this particular business? 

“I started reading everything I could get my hands on about reversing autoimmunity through diet, and even though this was not the route endorsed by my doctors, I had nothing to lose. I began an autoimmune Paleo diet — first eliminating gluten, dairy, and grains, then slowly adding fish to my repertoire after 24 years as a vegetarian and vegan. Collagen came up again and again as an important supplement for hair, skin, and nails so I added that in too. Within a matter of months, my labs had so drastically improved that the Hashimoto’s was completely reversed. All psoriasis faded away and, to my delight and extreme relief, my hairstylist informed me that small baby hairs had started to fill back in.

Coming out on the other side of this experience left me with an unshakeable belief in the profound interconnectedness of health and beauty. And so I launched Elaine Wellness with collagen, not only because it played such an important role in my healing, but because it serves as a potent reminder that small changes in our diet can be completely life-changing.”

Elaine Wellness Collagen

Where do you source your collagen?

“I’m a label reader ever since I reversed my autoimmune disorders. I wanted to find a high-quality source of collagen, especially since my name is on the package. I tried many suppliers before settling on my current one. Elaine Wellness collagen is from USA grass-fed cows, kosher, non-GMO and tested for allergens and heavy metals. It’s packaged here in Southern California at a GMP- and NSF-certified facility. My packaging is printed here in Southern California as well. I wanted to support local, family-owned businesses and reduce the carbon footprint by choosing suppliers close to where I’m based.”

What has been the most rewarding part of starting your business?

“I love connecting with and supporting people on their health journey. I receive DM’s from women telling me of all the challenges and roadblocks they’ve run into trying to solve health issues. I try to guide them on questions to ask and books to read so that they can be empowered in resolving their symptoms. I know firsthand how lonely it can be when it feels like your body is turning on you.

“Radiant beauty is an inside job and aging is a privilege”

Changing the narrative for women around beauty and aging is my passion. Radiant beauty is an inside job and aging is a privilege. The diet and beauty industries have shamed women for long enough and I believe there’s a better way to talk about aging. I’ve created a company that sells high-quality products to help women look and feel their best from the inside out. There’s so much opportunity to create community and conversation around beauty, health, wellness, and aging that has a positive, inclusive message. Very few companies are speaking to women 45+ and I’m here to fill that void. I’m building a community of women to have conversations around what it means to age well.”

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Taylor Marks
Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and professionally trained chef from The Institute of Culinary Education. Her passions include the latest research in health science, culinary arts, holistic wellness, and guiding others towards feeling their best.


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