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Adding Improved Cellular Health to Your 2024 Timeline

Nearly three-quarters of Americans support their healthspan with a daily supplement. This one packs a big punch for longevity.

If you are looking for a resolution for 2024 that is really relatively easy and can pack a big punch, look no further than Mitopure, one of the most researched longevity supplements on the market for the past two years. According to Steve Mister, President and CEO of the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN), “Dietary supplements have become a non-negotiable component of so many Americans’ health habits — and survey data illustrates a consumer who recognizes that dietary supplements are vital to living the life they want to live.” 

Mister goes on to say that “Today’s dietary supplement consumer is confident in their decision to take supplements and reports that using supplements empowers them to take charge of their health and wellness…” We agree. Science continues to provide us with data on our personal nutritional deficiencies and information on how our cells change as we age — allowing us to supplement our lifestyle.

What’s so special about MitopureⓇ

Urolithin A. It is a molecule that stimulates our crucial cellular recycling and cleansing process that protects cells from age-associated decline. In harnessing this molecule, Mitopure is the first postbiotic nutrient that can trigger this recycling process known as mitophagy. 

Urolithin A has the ability to positively impact our:

  • Mitochondrial Health: Mitochondria are the energy-producing structures within cells, and their function declines with age. Research suggests that Urolithin A may enhance mitochondrial function by promoting mitophagy, a process that clears our damaged mitochondria. Improved mitochondrial function is associated with increased energy production and overall cellular health.
  • Muscle Health: Through cellular regeneration, Urolithin A may slow age-related muscle decline. Improved muscle function positively impacts our physical ability, making Urolithin A of interest to individuals looking to maintain or improve their muscle health.
  • Longevity: Research in animals has shown that Urolithin A can extend lifespan and improve overall healthspan. Our healthspan refers to the period of life spent in good health. 

What scientists and medical professionals have to say

The AGEIST Scientific Board are big fans of Mitopure and the use of Urolithin A for cellular health. Dr. Ruth Zimmer, anesthesiologist with deep experience in an integrative, food-first approach to medicine, had this to say: “After taking Mitopure for around 9 months, I accidentally ran out. Within 2 weeks, my osteoarthritis symptoms resurfaced in my right dominant hand. I restarted Mitopure at 2 capsules a day, and within another 2 weeks the symptoms went away.”

Supported by well over 300 combined pre-clinical and clinical studies, Dr. Johan Auwerx states that “the latest clinical study really crystallizes how Mitopure can be a real game-changer for human health.” Dr. Auwerx, MD, PhD, is a professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne, Switzerland, occupies the Nestle Chair in Energy Metabolism, and has been using molecular physiology and systems genetics to understand metabolism in health, aging and disease. 

“This is a supplement with proven effectiveness, and one that I can tel the difference in how  much energy I have.” — David Stewart

The more you know

While we personally vet all solutions from our valued brand partners, it is always advisable to consult with your healthcare professional before starting anything new. And, for those of you still engaged with your 2024 New Year’s resolution, congratulations are in order. The 2nd Friday in a new year has come to be known as “Quitter’s Day.” The team here at AGEIST was blissfully unaware that a “Quitter’s Day” even existed, and that is not because we’ve all perfected keeping our resolutions. We attribute our success in keeping up positive momentum to making good, not always great, but really good daily choices.

Timeline has a special discount for our readers (making it even easier to make those good, daily choices). Use codeAGEISTat checkout and receive 10% off their products.

See medical disclaimer below. ↓


  1. David, do you still recommend the Elysium products? I’m currently taking Basis and Matter. I’d be interested in an update of the current supplements you are taking besides the Mitopure.

    I’m so grateful for your newsletter. I’m a white 69 year old female in excellent health.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Belinda, thanks for asking! I change up my suppliments from time to time based on what I read, what my doctor recommends, what my science board recommneds, and what seems best for my current health. I am not currently taking Basis or Matter. I don’t believe there are any negative effects from either, but at the moment I am chose not to take them. I take a multi vitamin every day, creatine, magnesium, algea based omega, Fatty15, an ASU joint suppliment, CoQ10, curcumin, vit D, spermidine powder, lutein/zeaxanthin eye health, vit C, vit E, and Ashwanga and Fenugreek as recommended by InsideTracker which is where I run my blood work every quarter. The list above tends to gets adjusted every few months.


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