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Mitopure: A New Solution for Mitochondrial Health

Why do we need Urolithin A and how can we make sure our body is getting enough? Here's what you need to know.

For the past three months, we have been exploring a new product called Mitopure from Timeline Nutrition. It is a proprietary and highly pure form of Urolithin A. Urolithin A protects cells from age-related decline which could lead to metabolism decline, decreased energy, and decreased muscle function. Urolithin A is the post-biotic from eating and drinking certain foods, like pomegranate juice. Unfortunately, many people cannot convert food to Urolithin A; they don’t have the right gut bacteria to do the job. In fact, only 12% of healthy adults in the studied population had detectable traces of Urolithin A. I had myself tested and found that, even though I may think of myself as having a very well functioning gut, I was only able to convert Urolithin A minimally.

By taking Mitopure, the levels of Urolithin A went up dramatically. 

So why does this matter and why do we need Urolithin A? Urolithin A will trigger a crucial recycling process within our cells called mitophagy, preventing age-related cellular decline. As we get older, mitochondrial renewal declines and dysfunctional mitochondria accumulate in the cells, resulting in significant issues. Mitochondria are our cellular powerhouses. The trillions of cells that comprise our body tissues run on the energy created by them. This includes our muscles, our immune system and our brains. Better mitochondria = better health. 

We spent considerable time with our science advisory board reviewing the data from the scientific studies conducted so far of Mitopure, and the team felt there was clear evidence of positive impact on cellular mitochondria from the sample muscle biopsies referenced in the study. There was also clear evidence of a positive impact on the inflammation marker C-reactive protein. There was additional evidence of positive impact muscle strength and aerobic capacity. We all found this very exciting.

One thing everyone commented on was the rigor of the science in the reports. This is a serious science oriented company run by leading scientists who are working hard on producing data that is replaceable and scalable in the wider scientific community.

I have been taking Mitopure for a few weeks now, and intend to keep taking it as part of my regular daily routine. Stay tuned to hear how it has impacted me in the coming months. As further studies are completed on Mitopure, we will be reviewing them with our science board and reporting on our findings. Timeline Nutrition has offered a special discount for our readers. Use code “AGEIST” at checkout and receive 10% off their products.


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