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How Mitopure Improved My 59-Year-Old Endurance, Recovery, and Athletic Performance

We asked devoted indoor cyclist Gary Schare to tell us about the effect Mitopure has had on his workouts, recovery, and general health.

We have read the impressive scientific research on Mitopure by Timeline Nutrition and, being questioners, we wanted to validate for ourselves the impact of Mitopure in a measurable way. We chose spin class devotee Gary Schare as our subject because, unlike most everyone else we know, his activity has been specifically measured for some time. What he told us about the huge improvement in doing back-to-back spin classes, which would match the science studies we have read, was completely aligned with the expected mitophagy effect of Urolithin A in Mitopure. 

How old are you?
I am 59 years old but still see my 35-year-old self in the mirror (despite more than a few gray hairs).

Where do you live?
I live in Redmond, WA, 10 miles east of Seattle and within 45 minutes of some of the world’s best hiking.

How long have you been taking Mitopure?
I started taking 500mg per day of Mitopure in Nov 2022 when I first heard about it from the SuperAge podcast. I’m not a big supplement guy, beyond vitamins and a few other additives. (Do chia seeds count?) But I was intrigued by the promise of Mitopure and had been riding so much … and so hard … throughout 2022 that I thought it would be fun to experiment and see if I could get a boost and catch some of the outdoor cycling pros who frequent a few of the classes. 

I also recently learned that one of the spin instructors is finishing up her PhD in cellular biology so I have someone in the studio to talk to about my experiment. She’s intrigued and curious about the impact it’s having on me.

How long have you been doing spin and how often?
I’ve been doing indoor cycling (spin) for 4 ½ years. I started going twice a week for the first year and then increased to 3 times a week after a 6-month break during Covid lockdowns. By the start of 2022, I was typically going 4 times a week, and then stepped up to 5 times a week in the fall of 2022. 

How do you measure your output on the bike?
The bikes measure output in a variety of ways, and the metric I focus on is Average Power, measured in watts. This metric is quite simple: It’s the average amount of power (watts) generated by spinning the flywheel on the bike for a 45-minute class.

What changes have you noticed in your spin class performance and recovery?
There are two dimensions I monitor very closely with spin. One is my Average Power, which I always aim to keep above 190 watts per class and ideally at or just above 200 watts. (My PR is 223 but that was a competition with another cyclist where we ignored all instructions and just went for max power for 45 minutes. We’re usually much more cooperative to get a more comprehensive workout, including 4 minutes focused on upper body with weighted bars.)

The second is my recovery — both how I feel in the evening after a mid-day class and how I feel the next day when I’m riding back-to-back days. These days I’m riding Monday through Friday so I have many back-to-back rides. 

Interestingly, I have not noticed gains in Average Power since I’ve been taking Mitopure. My Average Power has crept up a bit, but I attribute that to being in better and better shape by consistently riding hard. It’s very rare that my power dips below 190, which usually puts me at the top of the leaderboard.

But recovery is another story. Since I’ve been taking Mitopure, by evening I don’t seem to even notice that I rode on any given day. My legs feel 100%. And I can’t recall being sore on my next ride, even after pushing near 100% effort the prior day — which is common since I’m always trying to keep my Average Power up in my goal range.

Perhaps most notable of all was when I rode a “double” in December. A double is two classes back-to-back with only 30 minutes between them. I’ve done this a few times in the past and always suffered mightily in the second class. But this time, my second class felt as good as my first, and I didn’t dog it in the first class. I hit 193 Average Power in the first class and 189 in the second. And felt great afterward. That’s new for me!

Have you noticed any other changes? Mental sharpness, vision, sleep, skin, vitality, resting heart rate, hair or other?
I’m not only working out consistently, but I’m also working very effectively — which, for me, involves solving technical problems and integrating multiple cloud systems. I don’t know if it’s Mitopure or just that I’m working on projects I love, but I couldn’t be happier day to day. 

As for the rest of me, I’ve got no complaints for being 59. I truly feel 35 (okay, maybe 45) and often forget I’m late middle-age. The gray in my hair, and especially my beard, perhaps gives away my age a bit, but I’ve still got a lot of hair, good skin, and tons of energy. Has this all improved with Mitopure? It is surely possible, and I’m hoping my cellular biologist spin instructor can answer that for me. 

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