Fructose’s Effect on the Brain: Dr. Richard Johnson

What is the relationship between fructose and Alzheimer’s disease? Does fructose cause inflammation? How does fructose impact blood pressure? What about cancer? What role does fructose have in obesity and diabetes? What role does fiber have in the absorption of fructose? Does how quickly you drink a sugary drink impact how much damage it does to the body?

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Professor, clinician, obesity researcher, and author Richard S. Johnson, MD explains how fructose impacts our health from its role in obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, blood pressure, and more. And David asks the question: Can we still eat fruit and be healthy?! Dr. Johnson explains.

“Natural fruits are good but don’t get that big bowl of grapes when you’re watching TV and eat the whole thing because then you will be activating the switch.” 

“If I took a soft drink and I just took one sip every 10 minutes, and I took two hours to drink it, it would be a calorie, it wouldn’t really be more than that. But if I took that soft drink and I drank it, especially on an empty stomach, and just guzzled it down, it would be a big, big activator.”

“We know that foods like bread, rice, and potatoes increase our risk for obesity.” 

“When you eat fructose, the first thing it does is make you hungry, make you thirsty, and it makes you want to forage for food.” 

“People who are overweight or obese are at increased risk for certain types of cancer. Breast cancer is higher for women who are overweight, colon cancer, liver cancer, and pancreatic cancer. It’s been known that these cancer cells like to grow in the presence of fructose.” 

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