Complete Cancer Cell Removal Without Chemo: We Are All Unique and This Is What Worked for Me: Meagan O’Leary

Meagan O’Leary, Global Operations & Digital Transformation Leader, health advocate, and double breast cancer survivor joins us on the SuperAge podcast to share her cancer journey. She explains some of the alternative health protocols that helped like hyperbaric oxygen therapy, ketamine, sauna, cold plunges, keto diet, and supplementation. She also explains how re-connecting with herself and her community was just as important as the cancer treatments she was doing. She is vital, not just a cancer survivor. Now, she works with other women who are experiencing what she did. 

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What you will learn in this episode:
– Alternative approaches to cancer treatment
– The importance of connecting with yourself
– The importance of connecting with your community
– Why you should strive to be vital instead of just surviving

00:00:00 Welcome to the SuperAge podcast
00:01:03 Call into the podcast 801-871-5291
00:06:21 Thank you to our sponsor InsideTracker
00:07:34 Welcome Meagan O’Leary
00:08:35 Meagan’s breast cancer diagnosis
00:12:23 Meagan’s cancer treatment protocol
00:32:11 Importance of mindfulness and connection
00:32:56 Meagan’s ketamine experience
00:38:25 Being vital vs being a survivor
00:48:21 What Meagan’s doing now

“That whole experience of ‘You’re going to lose your breast’, the surgery, cancer in one breast, cancer in the other, I had what I would call PTSD. I wasn’t trusting myself anymore. I was searching for the right thing that was going to heal me.” 

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Connect with Meagan:

Books mentioned:
The Metabolic Approach to Cancer by Dr. Nasha Winters
Outside the Box Cancer Therapies by Dr. Paul Anderson


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