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Awe is Vitally Important At Any Age with Caroline Paul

Today’s SuperAge episode features author, pilot, and lifelong adventurer Caroline Paul, who shares her insights on the importance of outdoor adventure and its positive impacts as we age. Caroline emphasizes the significance of embracing new experiences, breaking through societal norms, and the unique empowerment that comes from stepping outside one’s comfort zone. Her personal journey, highlighted by her various outdoor exploits, illustrates how engaging with nature can lead to a richer, more fulfilling life in one’s later years. Caroline’s message is clear: aging isn’t about slowing down but about rediscovering oneself through adventure and exploration.

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Key Moments

“I used to be a whitewater rafter who did first descents with a team of women around the world. We did rivers that hadn’t been done before, and that kind of thing. I mean, it’s cool to be first at things. When I was a firefighter, I wanted to be the first into the fire.”

“There are some triggers for awe. And one of them is just vastness.”

“Actually, turning your focus away from yourself outward has been shown to be much better for your mental health. I’m not taking away from therapy or massages or anything, but it’s worth saying that if we need to feel better, focusing outwardly is a valuable component of self-soothing.”

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