Style Forecasts for Women Over 50: Dispatch From London

Jordan Trent of The Elegant Stylist provides invaluable tips on clothes shopping and honing a personal style

We caught up with Jordan Trent of The Elegant Stylist to discuss best practices when going clothing shopping, her spring and summer fashion forecasts, and where to start with putting together an outfit.

What are your tips for women 50+ when clothes shopping?
My best tips come from the ones I implement from encountering the same issues when shopping for myself. I like to take photos of myself in outfits in the changing room, especially if I’m unsure.

This can often help you to become more detached from the item and more practical about the fit and overall appearance on you. 

If you’re looking for a specific item to go with your wardrobe, either bring the outfit with you or again take photos of it at home so you can have a clearer idea of whether an item in the store will work.

If you hate trying things on, take your measurements and a tape measure with you so you can measure garments for a more accurate idea of the sizing working for you.

If you can afford to, buy and return. There’s nothing worse than procrastinating over an item, leaving it on the rail, and returning to find that it’s now sold out.

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Where do you start with putting together an outfit?

There are basic principles that will help, such as organizing your wardrobe and ensuring you have basic wardrobe staples from which to create a foundation but, honestly, I start with my mood and the event.

I think about where I am going. This always helps to narrow down the look, and what mood I want to convey e.g., fun, smart, laid back. Once I have that nailed down, I find I will automatically lean towards at least one key piece in my wardrobe and build on it from there.

Having your clothes express your mood is key in feeling comfortable and confident in it.

Another key factor is the weather, which can really change the possibilities! As well as how you are traveling from A to B. I will often be more daring with a heel height if I’m arriving and leaving a dinner date in a car, safe in the knowledge that I will spend most of the evening sat down!

Do you have any style forecasts for spring and summer?
I’m really delighted to see vibrancy everywhere in the SS22 collections. Think hot pink, vivid greens, tropical orange and sunshine yellows. You need to be seen this summer! Platform and stacked shoes are still very much on trend and feathers are going to appear on summer looks, filtering down from the likes of Giambattista Valli’s runway. 

Photo by @zoegriffinphoto

The best way to navigate changing style trends is to spend time understanding and building your own personal style. Once you have honed that, you can more confidently sprinkle in a little of any new trend that appeals more seamlessly and make it your own. 

What are some staple closet pieces for women 50+?
I would tweak this list for every client as no one woman’s style is the same, so you cannot be too rigid with style rules. They need to be fluid like our lifestyles and fluid to change as our personalities and tastes evolve.

I would start with this template and add or remove as desired: A well-tailored suit. A classic handbag. A midi length dress. A timeless leather pump. A white shirt and a great lipstick!

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