5 Ways for Guys to Look Better. Amy Keller, Our Maverick Fashion Stylist

Amy Keller talks men’s style, breaking down in five steps how we can all look great and age appropriate.

How do people like Brad Pitt always look so great? It helps to start out looking like Brad, but people in his line of work have a lot of help. Primarily, they have a stylist who is either dressing them or pulling the clothes for them to dress themselves. We reached out to Amy Keller, who does David’s styling for his on-stage work (yes, it’s true, he had some help with his crew neck + Nike uniform).

1. Tailoring. Get the clothes to fit. There is no better way to up your game, no matter if you are wearing classic jeans or a Tom Ford suit. But most guys have no idea about it. Get yourself a good tailor — not the local dry cleaner, but someone who has a good skill set. A small nip and tuck in the fabric will make a world of difference. The big thing is to take some of the volume out of the leg. With the length, you want a slight break the size of which will depend on your height and the pant style. This is where the skilled tailor comes in. Remember, the ’80s are over. Think modern, crisp and thought out. You really do need to tailor a lot more items than you think. Yes, you can even tailor a t-shirt. 

2. Keep It Simple. So many guys either get lost in fantasy dressing or go to the other extreme and opt for something way too conservative. Get a uniform and stick with it. Find your inner style icon — maybe it is Steve McQueen, maybe JFK, or if you can pull it off, maybe Gianni Agnelli. Buy a couple of the best quality items you can afford. As the Chinese proverb goes, “Buy the best and you only cry once.”

3. Grooming. Clean it up. Get a good haircut. Take care of your nails. Please do not do the LA sun-kissed look or the full-black Roy Orbison-look dye job on your greying hair. Silver on a guy is super foxy. We women love that. What we don’t like is a 60-year-old trying to look like a 20-year-old. 

4. Shoes. This is an area where guys can really get in the weeds. Keep it classic. A good pair of brogues, desert boots, classic sneakers like a Nike Air Max 90. Say no to the monster-truck sneakers. You are not an 18-year-old hipster hanging around Harajuku. 

5. Accessories. If you like to wear a watch, keep these classic too. Old Timex, simple Rolex; it’s not about the price, it’s about your sense of style. Get one, wear it every day. Leave the collecting to the watch fetishists. You have better things to do. With glasses, it is the same. Find a classic horn-rim or something similar that looks good on your face. It is important that you wear the glasses, they don’t wear you. Pick a pair that flatters the shape of your face.

Amy Keller is available for by-the-hour help to the style challenged and the loved ones of the style challenged. In need? Contact her: amykeller47@me.com


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