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Apollo Neuro: Meet the First Wearable That Actually Helps You Sleep, Focus, and Recover

While most health-based wearables simply track your health, Apollo Neuro actively intervenes to improve it.

Wearable technology has been around for years. We’ve seen smart watches that let you read and send messages in an instant, as well as smart rings that can lock and unlock your doors. We’ve even seen wearable technology that can help you monitor your health, such as fitness trackers that count your daily steps and/or monitor your biometrics. But while most health-based wearables simply track your health, we’ve yet to see anything that actually improves it — until now.

The Apollo wearable: combining the science of touch with 21st century tech

The Apollo wearable actively improves your health through soothing, gentle waves of vibration. This helps your body reach a more relaxed state, reducing feelings of stress and giving you more control over how you want to feel and what you want to do. Using the Apollo Neuro app, you choose from seven different Apollo Vibes — Energy, Social, Focus, Calm, Unwind, Recover, Fall Asleep — that restore balance to your nervous system. You can think of the Apollo wearable as a remote control for how you want to feel throughout the day: more energetic, less stressed, calm and relaxed, or even sleepy.

The Apollo began with a simple idea. Dr. David Rabin and his wife Kathryn Fantauzzi were part of a team of neuroscientists and physicians performing research in a lab at the University of Pittsburgh. Their goal was to find ways to naturally induce the feeling of safety in veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD. During the course of their research, an idea began to develop: to unify the age-old science of touch therapy with 21st century innovation.  

In 2017, David and Kathryn used this research to form the backbone of Apollo Neuro. With Kathryn as CEO and David as CIO, they built the Apollo Neuro technology to fill the gap left by current health tools. The company developed the first scientifically-validated wearable technology that actively intervenes to improve your health. Using a novel application of touch therapy, the wearable emits vibrations to send signals of safety to the brain that improve focus, recovery from exercise, and sleep, and significantly increase heart rate variability (HRV) which accelerates both athletic recovery and cardiovascular fitness.

To read more about the solid science behind it, click here.

In his work, Dr. Rabin describes the effect of the Apollo Neuro as being similar to the calming effects of human touch. This is very similar to how we feel after using it for a few minutes: it’s like someone is gently holding your hand. The Apollo Neuro is like a vibrational soundtrack to the different phases of the day and night. In the same way certain music will help us focus or calm us for sleeping, the Neuro does this with vibrations. This makes sense, as sound is vibration picked up by your ears, while the silent Neuro vibrations are picked up by the touch sensors in the skin and transmitted to your nervous system, creating states of energy. 

Regaining control over your health

Most of the current health tools on the market require a lot of time and effort to incorporate into your daily life. Tools like meditation and breathwork can do wonders to relieve stress and promote relaxation, but they can also be too time-consuming for many people to actively work into their daily routines. Apollo provides you with an easily accessible way to put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your health. Not only is it backed by science and numerous clinical trials, but it’s incredibly easy to use.  

You can choose to wear the Apollo wearable in a number of different ways: either wrapped around a wrist or ankle or even clipped onto your shirt or waistband. You can even use it to ease the process for falling asleep, giving you a safe and noninvasive alternative to natural and/or pharmaceutical sleeping pills. For better sleep quality, energy, relaxation, and focus, the Apollo wearable will help you optimize at any time of day. 

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