The Halekulani: The Original Luxury Hawaiian Hotel

For a Hawaiian getaway full of luxury, culture, and adventure, Halekulani, located on the shore of Waikiki Beach, is the perfect choice.

Hawaii’s tropical allure is undeniable. When it comes to experiencing the true essence of the islands, Halekulani on the island of Oahu stands out as a beacon of luxury and tranquility. Nestled on the pristine shores of Waikiki Beach, this gorgeous property is the perfect blend of modern elegance and Hawaiian charm that captivates every traveler’s heart. Not only does the hotel itself boast a range of luxurious amenities, but it’s surrounded by numerous attractions that show you the best of what Hawaii has to offer. 

A Haven of Luxury and Comfort

The second you walk into Halekulani, you can feel the warm atmosphere inviting you in. The elegant design shows every bit as much attention to detail as the dedicated staff. You’ll be able to unwind in the serene, iconic pool, basking in the Hawaiian sun and marveling at the gorgeous views of Diamond Head. Spa Halekulani offers a variety of healing modalities, adding a further layer of relaxation to your stay. The open-air and ocean-view restaurants feature the freshest local ingredients prepared by award-winning chefs, allowing you to indulge in island-inspired cuisine from breakfast to dessert.

While there is much to do nearby, Halekulani also offers endless adventures on the property itself. Nightly Hawaiian music and hula performances provide a deeper connection to the island’s heritage. And if you’re interested in learning about the rich past and traditions of the property, Halekulani’s historian offers a tour of the history, architecture, and healing power of the real Halekulani.

Exploring Nearby Attractions

Outside of the Halekulani hotel, the surrounding areas hold treasures just waiting to be explored. Major nearby attractions include:

  1. Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art, Culture & Design: The former residence of American heiress Doris Duke showcases an exquisite collection of Islamic art and offers guided tours of the impressive estate.
  2. Honolulu Museum of Art: Just a short distance away, the Honolulu Museum of Art holds a diverse collection of Asian, European, and American art. Art lovers can spend hours exploring its galleries and immersing themselves in the rich cultural heritage of Hawaii.
  3. Hikes and Nature Adventures: Oahu is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, with various hiking trails nearby that cater to all skill levels. The iconic Diamond Head hike provides panoramic views of the island, while the Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail treats hikers to stunning coastal vistas.
  4. Shopping Extravaganza: The bustling streets of Waikiki offer an array of boutiques, luxury retailers, and souvenir shops you can browse through for hours. From high-end fashion to traditional Hawaiian crafts, visitors can find the perfect mementos of their Hawaiian escape.

Halekulani in Hawaii guarantees an idyllic blend of luxury, culture, and adventure. The luxurious property invites travelers to indulge in the beauty of Oahu’s Waikiki Beach, experiencing the natural allure of this stunning Hawaiian island. With its opulent surroundings and endless adventure, paradise awaits at Halekulani.

Later this month, David Stewart, founder of AGEIST, will be Halekulani’s first visiting master in residence for 2023 sharing his learning on SuperAging.

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