The Essential Need to Extend Healthspan: Dr. Denis Noble

What are the problems that come from aging and what can we do about them? What is the importance of staying active in old age? What is autophagy and how does it relate to the aging process? Why is it that cancer often recurs? Are herbal remedies legitimate? What do we need to know about cholesterol? What is the importance of community on our health?

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Denis Noble, 86, is an innovator, scientist, musician, ballroom dancer, and Oxford University Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology. He joins us to discuss how to increase our healthspans and our lifespans, what we need to know about the aging process and how it impacts our health, the importance of community, and more. 

“As you get into long life but very unhealthy life, you’re having a big burden on the society. I’m not blaming people. I’m saying that this is what we’re now seeing and I think we have to do something about it. I don’t think we should accept that there is nothing you can do about it.” 

“There is absolutely no doubt that the biggest thing you can do to remain healthy in old age is to keep active. Even if it’s difficult, it’s best to keep active. You use it or you lose it.” 

“The aging population suffers from these multi-factorial diseases with many genes involved and that will not yield to just more sequencing of people’s genomes.”

“When you attack a late-stage cancer, you may, hopefully, kill it off enough for a permanent cure. But that’s unfortunately rarer than we once imagined it would be. Very often what happens is it produces a period of several years, which is good, when the cancer has retreated but it will then come back in an even more virulent form.”

“To the degree you can do it, a healthy lifestyle in terms of diet is a good thing to go for. It’s obvious also to tell your listeners that smoking is a no-no if you want to look after yourself in old age.” 

“You can’t go run a marathon on a big, full stomach and there’s a good reason for that. The blood supply during digestion is attracted to the intestines. They need the blood supply in order to do the work that is necessary to digest the food that you’ve eaten.”

“It’s very important to try to arrange your life so that you’re not alone, you do interrelate with people, and that’s a huge health benefit to be with people and find ways in which you can communicate with others.”

“We are designed, effectively, to be social people.” 

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Image of Denis by Richard Cave for Oxford Mail.

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