The Economic Implications of a Much Longer Life: Andrew Scott

What are the economic implications of living longer? Why do we need to change the way we are aging? How long will we need to work because of our increased life expectancy? What will retirement look like in the future? What assets should we be investing in? 

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Andrew J. Scott is a Professor of Economics at London Business School having previously held positions at Oxford University, London School of Economics and Harvard University. His work focuses on the economics of longevity and he is the co-author of The 100-Year Life and The New Long Life.

Andrew joins us to discuss the economic implications of living longer, how we need to change the way we are aging, what retirement will look like in the future, the assets that we should be investing in, and more. 

“What we need to do is to change how we age. We need to age better. Rather than focusing on, ‘Oh, there are more old people,’ I think we need to focus on, actually, given the phenomenal increase in life expectancy that has happened, we need to change how we age.”

“We haven’t really expected to reach into those older ages in the past. Of course, there have always been old people but it’s been a minority living to 80 or 90. But if you look at the data today in most rich countries, it’s the majority who will be living to 80 or 90. So, we need to age better and behave differently.” 

“You’ve got more time ahead of you. Whether you’re 20, 50, or 80, you have more time ahead of you than past 20-year-olds, 50-year-olds, or 80-year-olds. So you have to invest more into your future. You just have a greater incentive to do it.” 

“The challenge you’ve got with a longer life is how to finance it.”

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Books: The 100-Year Life & The New Long Life

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