Living Out Loud With Maryjane Fahey

In this week’s episode of SuperAge, we are joined by Maryjane Fahey, the founder of Glorious Broads. Maryjane discusses her transition from a successful career in design and creative direction to pioneering a community that redefines aging for women. She emphasizes the importance of challenging societal norms around aging and encourages embracing life with vigor and fearlessness. Her commitment to empowering women of all ages highlights the vitality of intergenerational connections and the beauty of living life on one’s own terms.

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Key Moments

“The beauty industry. That damn industry really relies on women’s fears.”

“I’d like to see how strong I can be. I’m about to turn 74. And I’m also going to say, I want to see how hot I can be.” 

“Why not take this chance and create this community? I am not alone here feeling more brave about the fact that there’s less time ahead. It’s a big ‘why not?’ ”

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Photograph of Maryjane by Chris Scalzi

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