Joni, Tracy, and Intergenerational Love at the 2024 Grammys With John Loken

This week, SuperAge explores the world of music and community with John Loken. John, an Executive VP of Marketing for The Recording Academy,  discusses his work with the Grammys, highlighting their role in supporting and celebrating music creators. He emphasizes the academy’s purpose-driven nature, focusing on advocacy, education, and crisis support beyond just the glitz of the Grammy Awards. John also gets into the power of music when it comes to creating a sense of tribe and belonging, transcending barriers of language, politics, and culture. His insights reveal the profound impact of music in unifying people and fostering a global community.

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Key Moments

“Yes, the Grammys are a key part of what we do. That’s what we’re famous for. But the other 364 days a year, we are in Washington DC advocating for creator rights. We are in schools helping to educate young people. We also have a Health and Human Services operation called MusicCares, which is not just about addiction support, but really for people in any kind of crisis, economic crisis or otherwise.”

“There’s something about music and the way that music makes us feel that, whether it is a classical artist, a jazz artist, a country artist, a hip hop artist, any EDM artist or rock artist, we’re all in this music tribe, and it just really generates an incredible feeling of belonging.”

“We want to make sure we’re talking about craft, right? There are plenty of award shows that are about the most streamed artists, or maybe the artists that sold the most tickets or had the most revenue off of their tours or whatever. That’s not us. We’re a different thing.”

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