Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Longevity, Brain Health, & Post-Cancer Therapy: Dr. Scott Sherr

What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)? How does HBOT aid in longevity, brain health, and cancer treatments? What are the different HBOT protocols and what are the pros and cons of each? How can someone try HBOT? How can one expect to feel after the treatment? Can we do HBOT at home?

Dr. Scott Sherr, the director of Integrative Hyperbaric Medicine and Health Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, joins us on the SuperAge podcast to share everything we need to know about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Specifically, he discusses how HBOT promotes longevity and brain health, protects against chronic illnesses, and aids cancer treatment. He also explains the mechanics of HBOT, who will benefit, and some supplemental healthy habits we should all have to optimize our health.

What you will learn:
– What HBOT is
– Who can benefit from HBOT
– Who should not do HBOT
– The different HBOT protocols and mechanics of the treatment
– Healthy habits to optimize your health
– What is oxidative stress

“You can’t argue with the imaging, as far as I’m concerned. You can’t argue with somebody’s brain that’s either had a stroke or traumatic brain injury, gets into a hyperbaric chamber and then you can see their brains come back to life.”

“I was asked to speak at a hyperbaric conference during the pandemic and the first title that I had was: ‘Please don’t put them in the chamber.’ Because of course, if you have a therapy, you’re going to want to use it on everybody. So one of the roles that I have in the hyperbaric world is to try to educate people on when is the best time to use the chamber, what types of chambers are best to use for that particular condition, and when to not go into the chamber.”

“Senescent cells are also called zombie cells. The reason they’re called zombie cells is because they don’t die and they don’t divide. They just stick around, don’t work anymore, and cause inflammation. As we get older, the population of senescent cells increases, and as they increase so does your risk of cancer, heart disease, and inflammation degeneration.”

“What hyperbaric therapy is doing is it’s very much working at the cellular level.”

“Everyone can benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy at some point in their life. It’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when.”

“More is not always better. It’s not the American way here. We want to fine-tune our protocols so that we’re focused on the brain, or we’re focused on the body.”

“Unfortunately, the medical paradigm is: drugs first, ask questions later.”

00:00:00 Welcome to the podcast
00:00:38 Update on David’s plant-based diet & continuous glucose monitor
00:02:48 Thank you to our sponsor, InsideTracker
00:04:26 Introducing Dr. Scott Sherr
00:04:54 Dr. Sherr’s first introduction to HBOT
00:09:35 History of HBOT
00:11:27 What the Aviv Clinics are up to with HBOT
00:15:28 What are senescent cells?
00:17:10 The legitimacy of the results from HBOT
00:19:51 HBOT and the brain
00:23:03 Oxidative stress
00:26:50 Dr. Sherr’s HBOT cautions
00:28:55 The mechanics of HBOT
00:36:31 The different types of HBOT chambers
00:41:41 HBOT and stem cells
00:43:45 HBOT and cancer
00:50:02 At home HBOT chambers
00:57:05 HBOT studies
00:60:27 Get in touch with Dr. Sherr

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