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Lift Weights, Lose Fat

Recent studies have found that weight training can help to promote fat loss. In fact, “People who occasionally lifted weights were far less likely to become obese than those who never lifted.” While it’s not completely understood how weight training increases fat loss, we know that muscle is “metabolically active and burns calories” so it would make sense that increasing muscle mass would increase the reduction of fat cells. There is also a theory that “something happens at a molecular level right after resistance workouts that targets fat cells.” 

One study on mice found that “weight training was shrinking fat in mice by creating vesicles in muscles that, through genetic signals, told the fat it was time to break itself apart.” There is still more to understand about this process but the evidence seems to strongly suggest that adding weight training or weight resistant exercise into your workout routine will have positive effects on your health. [1] 

[1] https://www.nytimes.com/2021/07/21/well/move/weight-training-fat.html

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Taylor Marks
Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and professionally trained chef from The Institute of Culinary Education. Her passions include the latest research in health science, culinary arts, holistic wellness, and guiding others towards feeling their best.