How Our Thoughts Change Our DNA: Dr. Kien Vuu

How do our thoughts impact our DNA? How does one control their thoughts? What is the power of meditation? What about psychedelics or breathwork? How does connecting with a loving community change our health? What is the importance of challenge?

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Dr. Kien Vuu, concierge performance and longevity physician specializing in human optimization and regenerative medicine, media expert, and author, joins us on the SuperAge podcast to discuss bioenergetics, how our thoughts impact our physical health, the importance of challenge, and more. 

“Bioenergetics is really the flow of energy between living organisms and it turns out that every energetic input, whether it’s sound, whether it’s light, whether it’s emotion, is energy that gets translated into different forms and actually affects our biology.” 

“The thoughts that we focus on actually create biochemical changes that happen in our body.” 

“Our DNA is not fixed. Our DNA is constantly listening to its external environment and then it’s making changes. Are we in a healthy environment? If so, let’s turn on the healing genes. Let’s turn on the stem cells for us to heal. But if it thinks that we are in a stressful environment, it’s going to turn up those inflammatory genes.”

“How we live our life is actually medicine. Our biography actually affects our biology.”

“If I want to become a better version of myself, what’s stopping me? What’s the thing that keeps stopping me? It’s probably old ways of thinking, feeling, and acting that finds you stuck.” 

“If we could start to take challenge as an opportunity, do whatever it takes to upgrade ourselves, to overcome that challenge, we’re suddenly a stronger version of ourself; we’re a more resilient version of ourself.”

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  1. I loved this podcast! Thank you Taylor & Dr. Vuu. Great info & ideas for action.
    “The stories we tell ourselves” continues to be a key concept for me. Appreciated hearing more about the default network and “where we shine the flashlight”! That phrase is so powerful!
    The the entire interview was enlightening and uplifting.
    Thanks again


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