Age-Related Temperature Regulation, Menopause, & Sleep With Shyla Michelle

On this week’s SuperAge podcast, we explore the inspiring journey of Shyla Michelle, a former trial attorney who channeled her personal struggles with sleep into a pioneering venture. Shyla shares her experiences with sleep difficulties, intensified by a high-stress legal career and hormonal changes, which led to the creation of Muslin Comfort. She delves into the unique properties of muslin fabric and how it aids in temperature regulation, offering relief not just for menopausal symptoms but for anyone seeking a better night’s sleep. Shyla’s story is a testament to how personal challenges can inspire innovative solutions, impacting lives beyond one’s own.

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Key Moments

“Temperature regulation is not something that’s talked about a lot but, honestly, it’s no joke.”

“Well, I do think, overall, I like to be more gender specific. I think it does affect women more. I mean, we get pregnant, we give birth. We have these huge hormonal fluctuations and then we’re trying to work and we’re trying to do it all. We’re trying to be superwomen, right? Because that’s what’s expected in our modern world. And then our body, our nervous system is giving us clues that you’re not okay.

Like that, honestly, like, isn’t that what happens? Right? You become an A-hole. Because you’re so irritable. You don’t even have patience for yourself. Like, how far does the lack of sleep go in terms of what’s even happening with our world today?”

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