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A Preventative Approach to Aging: Dr. Jennifer Wagner

Dr. Jennifer Wagner is trained as a pediatric anesthesiologist and spent most of her career at Stanford. Then, 2 years ago, she made the decision to shift and leave clinical practice and move to the mountains with her family, and became the Chief Medical Officer at Liminal Collective

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Dr. Wagner discusses how she is taking a 40-year preventative approach to her aging, the poor quality of life of a doctor and why she stepped back from that lifestyle. She has joined the Liminal Collective and is teaching women to optimize their lives through her new project “Prosper.”

“I used to drive home from Stanford and sit in my garage and cry before I went in to take care of my two kids under 4. I was so stressed from work and then walk in and have to be a mom in a split second after working a 12-hour day.”

“The pandemic really took a toll on women, having to balance careers and kids at home, so there was a huge exit of women out of the workplace that still hasn’t recovered.”  

“Is everything optimal? Is waiting until I have a significant risk factor, is that really the right time to start prevention? To me, I said no.”

“I am super fortunate my parents are still alive but I’ve watched them age and I would prefer to age differently. They’re doing okay but they’re not the way I want to be at 78. That really sparked looking into how I can optimize myself now so that every ten years my risk factors stay zero.” 

“Keeping people out of the hospital, keeping people healthy, and keeping people off medication is not financially lucrative for a lot of industries which is unfortunate but it’s the bottom line.” 

“We get so busy. You can spend your entire day from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed trying to live a longer life but there also can just be moments of joy, slowing down, looking up. We get in such a hurry all the time but smiling, saying hello to someone on a trail, and appreciating what’s around us has significant health benefits.” 

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Connect with Dr. Jennifer Wagner:
Liminal Collective

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  1. So vital to listen to this podcast. Medical providers tend to be in poor physical shape. They are just as overweight and unfit as everyone else seems to be in the rural area wher I live. I know, a strong statement–and I worked as a registered dietitian in this same area and saw this first hand. Dr. Wagner made a life saving pivot, ditching the stress filled life in hospital. She’s saving lives.


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