Places We Dream of Being: The Mirror House in the Desert

The Mirror House sits like a space ship in the rugged terrain of Joshua Tree, offering refuge, adventure, and an infinitely reflected sky.

by Ruby Fay

How about a house that reflects the environment, literally reflects it? This one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece designed by Chris Hanley & Tomas Ozinski, built by Frank Gehry’s team, sits like a space ship on a rock outcropping, a mirrored refuge from the outer world. The 3-bedroom + 3-bathroom solar-powered building has floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding glass doors that open to the surrounding rocks. Then there is the incredibly large 100 ft indoor pool with embedded lights that make an evening dip quite the mystical light-show experience.  

Otherworldly Landscape, Mirrored

Joshua Tree is one of the most eclectic destinations in the US, home to numerous varieties of cacti, towering rock formations, and twisted, spiky trees that transport you straight into a comic book. Remember The Road Runner? All those crazy piles of big rocks on top of small ones — that is Joshua Tree. The landscape is otherworldly, like no place on earth, which seems like a perfect place for a mirrored sci-fi space ship of a house. I mean, you could do adobe, but mirrored is way sexier. 

Because there is almost no habitation, the night sky is incredible as is, but then is multiplied off the surface of the house. Quite something. Staying at the Mirror House felt fully cinematic as we lounged by the fire pit under a magical constellation surrounded by perfect silence. Waking amongst the boulders to see wild animals at play as the sun rose in spring bloom was spectacular.

Joshua Tree Was Made for Wandering and Rock Climbing

I have just returned from this magical property after an extended stay to incubate some creative endeavors and be as socially distant as one can be on 90 expansive acres. Joshua Tree was made for wandering and rock climbing as it has more than 4,500 routes for beginners and experts alike. The cactus gardens and ruins of ghost towns only add to the adventure. 

In short, a sexy sci fi cinematic retreat to indulge all your fantasies of living in a land far far away. 

Mirror House 


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