Places We Dream of Being: Tri Vananda, Intergenerational Living in Phuket

A new community in Phuket, Thailand offers intergenerational wellness and sustainable living in stunning surrounds

If we think of what are the big trends in the world, clearly two of them are wellness and age. Would a good way to address those trends be a place that combines real intergenerational living, with wellness, community, hospitality and nature

We are hearing of many organizations designing properties to address the intersection of age and wellness, each of them taking into account the culture of the home market. Tri Vananda in Phuket, Thailand is taking the values of Asian wellness and beauty as their guides. The property, set to open in 2022, takes into consideration the needs of teens and pre-teens along with entire extended intergenerational families. We have heard of college students, or 20s post-college people being part of initiatives, however the incorporation of the very young into a planned community is something we have not seen before. It seems so obviously natural to bring the entire age range together, very much in the manner of a traditional village.

Intergenerational Wellness

There is a community house with a bar, lounge, gym, Olympic-size swimming pool, community garden, outdoor playground, and function areas, as well as club areas designed especially for teen and pre-teen members of the community. There is a  dedicated club to foster a wellness lifestyle for the younger set — a group that can benefit enormously from the early introduction of health and mindfulness

Tri Vananda went to wellness industry authority Susan Harmsworth, from the Advisory Board of the Global Wellness Summit and the Global Wellness Institute; and Under a Tree, an experiential wellness consultancy led by award-winning health, wellness, and sustainability expert Amy McDonald. They brought to the complex evidence-based functional and integrative medicine and nutrition; cognitive health and mindfulness, all in a design package that made minimal impact on the environment.

Living Well, Living Healthier

We like that they made a concerted effort to bring the concept of wellness, the idea of not only living nicely but living healthier, to people through both the on-site facilities and experience, and the way the live in community is integrated into the lush natural environment of Phuket. So many developments of all kinds may give a gloss over to wellness, and it is wonderful to see a site fully incorporating it. 

A mindfulness center on the lake will have an indoor hall and outdoor areas for meditation. Also situated on the lake is an extensive spa with separate-sex thermal rooms, relaxation areas, and private spa suites. A fitness center will house a 50-meter swimming pool, sauna, juice bar, and lake pier for recreational water sports.  

Thailand already has a thriving ex-pat community of which we have several friends. It is also a key destination for retirees from Europe, as Thai hospitality is world class. 


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