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Simple Is Better: Why We Love Knowing Our InnerAge Number

Health is complicated, InsideTracker simplifies it to a single number, your Inner Age, mine is 56. It provides a science-backed action plan with the goal of improving the quantity and quality of the years ahead of you. Here's everything you need to know.

The big question we want to be answered around our health is: How well am I really doing? With all the blood tests and the body monitoring we do, this can be a very complicated question. Asking your doctor may get an answer like: “You are doing ok, but we need to keep an eye on X.” As good as they are, health professionals tend not to be able to give a grade on the overall health of a person that takes into account all of the tests and measurements they perform on us. But InnerAge from InsideTracker can do exactly this by giving a very simple number that answers the key aging disease question: Are you aging faster or slower than your chronological age?

I have a chronological age of 63 and an InnerAge of 57, so I am biologically aging at 0.90 of my actual age. Knowing my InnerAge gives me a simple single number I can focus on. If I should want to improve or to understand better how that number was arrived at, I can look at my personal metrics in the app and see the factors that contributed the most impact, both positive and negative, to my aging well or not so well. 

Ninety percent of our health outcomes are based on very specific behaviors on our part

The InsideTracker app is unique. It is based on 43 actionable blood markers. Their food and supplement recommendations are based on a whopping 1.68 million data points of total blood markers tested. Ninety percent of our health outcomes are based on very specific behaviors on our part, what we are eating and our activities. The difficulty for us consumers is discerning what to do out of the ocean of information that comes our way. InsideTracker simplifies the process, giving personalized suggestions based on my goals and my test results.

Relative health is complex and often involves contradictory information. I may have one group of wonderfully optimized biomarkers but those could be offset by a few negative ones. How do we weigh the combination of all of them? Only by having a very powerful analytic engine like InnerAge that looks at the complex interactions of a range of age-related biomarkers to create a system’s overall view of how I am doing. This is beyond the scope of any one medical practitioner, no matter what their level of skill is. Only by using a large data set and advanced technology can such a number be arrived at.

InsideTracker answered my questions around what I should be doing and gave me my InnerAge

There is so much noise out there around health and nutrition, and so much of it is confusing and contradictory. The result is often a sense of powerlessness and paralysis. What should I really be doing for myself? InsideTracker removed this confusion, answering my questions around what precisely I should be doing and giving me my InnerAge, a single number I can focus on improving. 

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InsideTracker uses a science-backed deep bioinformatic analysis, with an engine that generates a vast array of potential nutrition, supplement, fitness and lifestyle interventions customized to each individual user. Their InnerAge product first calculates your biological age, then provides an action plan of science-backed recommendations with the goal of improving the quantity and quality of the years ahead of you. This is wonderful.

The best way to use InnerAge from InsideTracker is to chart your InnerAge over time. I re-test every 4 months and now I have a sense of how my biological age is changing over time. Because although it is important to know how you are doing at any single point in time, it is more important to understand the trend. This is the sort of inner knowledge of my health that gives me the peace of mind that I am continuing to take the best actions to optimize my health, and then make necessary periodic adjustments to my lifestyle.

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David Stewart
David is the founder and face of AGEIST. He is an expert on, and a passionate champion of the emerging global over-50 lifestyle. A dynamic speaker, he is available for panels, keynotes and informational talks at david@agei.st.


  1. Very interesting. I converted to the world of tracking body weight, fat (visceral and “normal”), muscle mass, steps per day, hours of sleep (including deep sleep) about 7 months ago. I’m a chronological age of 71, but by tracking and tweaking diet, exercise, and sleep patterns I’ve been able to bring my “body age” down to 49. And it takes me less than 2 minutes to track this. I’m intrigued by the prospect of adding nutrition and supplements to the party. I’m convinced that a little bit of focus can produce dramatic changes. Thank you for sharing your findings.

    • Hey Mary,
      You are absolutely right. I only made a few easy changes that the app recommended and my LDL came down 20 points! It is possible to make some pretty big changes in one’s health prospects in just a few months if one follows it’s science backed recommendations. Let us know how it goes.

  2. Shirley Willett: How can you just test for an Inner Age? I am chronologically 88, but very healthy because of a good diet, exercise, etc. I look 20 years younger, and I imagine that an Inner Age would be at least in my 60s. Thanks.

    • Hi Shirley,
      It sure sounds like you are doing fabulous. InnerAge is about how you are doing based on a range of biometrics, and it will give you an actual number to go along with your chronological age. Would love to see how you do!


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