Podcast: Dr. Ruth Zimmer on Immune Function, and a Report from Singapore

Being in a high-risk group, we ask Ruth Zimmer to answer our practical questions on how to avoid the virus day-to-day. Also, a live report from Singapore, where they have been adjusting to life with the virus for a few months already.

We speak with one of our listeners in Singapore who has been living with the virus for a few months, to get a sense of what it has been like to live in a world of social distancing. Then we hear from Dr. Ruth Zimmer, who answers our practical questions on how to avoid the virus day-to-day and look after our immune systems.

In Singapore, they have been practicing social distancing and staying inside for a week now. Lisa gives us a sense of what that is like, how she manages to get along with her husband in tight quarters for weeks at a time, and the preoccupation with home design that seems to accompany spending so much time in the home.

Then we have Dr. Zimmer from Park City Utah, who is in the midst of a massive medical mobilization effort preparing for what may be a giant wave of patients needing critical care. She tells us some very interesting things about how to personally avoid the virus, and about best practices for a good immune system.


  • Clean any surface before you touch it, including things you sit on.
  • Carry wipes with you everywhere.
  • Use alcohol and bleach.
  • Spray off your mail.
  • Don’t touch newspapers.
  • Wash with soap any vegetables you bring in the home if you plan on eating them raw.
  • Kids can become severely ill from the virus but they recover better.
  • To improve your immune response: meditation, B6, zinc, selenium, vit D. The best way to get these are from food.
  • Mushroom supplements can help. She likes Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support. (we have no interest in this company and this is not a paid endorsement of its products.)


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