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New Fatty Acid Found: Introducing fatty15

A new essential fatty acid slows the aging-related breakdown of our cells and can be easily taken as a supplement.

With our passion for longevity comes an excitement for new discoveries in the field, and an excitement to share those discoveries with our community of SuperAgers. We recently came across a new essential fatty acid, the first one to be discovered in 90 years, called C15:0. According to the National Institutes of Health, fatty acids “have diverse functions in cells that range from structural ‘building blocks’ of cell membranes to suppliers of energy and signaling molecules.” Certain fatty acids can slow the aging-related breakdown of our cells. C15:0 is one of them. 

C15:0 is an odd chain saturated fatty acid which “serves as an armor for our cells to keep them healthy and protected. Studies support that C15:0 protects cells against premature breakdown.” With this discovery came the founding of fatty15, a supplement developed by a public health scientist and a Navy physician, following over 10 years of science on their pure, vegan-friendly, and bioavailable C15:0 ingredient  harnessing the power of C15:0 to replenish and strengthen cells. The founders of fatty15 saw a beneficial relationship between C15:0 and dolphin health and cellular stability; they wanted to see if those health benefits could be translated to humans. Turns out, they can. fatty15 has also been shown to protect liver cells against damage and improve metabolic, heart, and immune health. Nerd out on the science of C15:0 here.

Dr. Mark Hyman, longevity expert, shares his excitement for fatty15: “fatty15 has made the benefits of C15:0 available in a safe, vegan, and effective supplement. It acts as armor for your cells, strengthening cell membranes for an 80% improvement in cellular stability which is why it’s a part of my longevity routine.”

One question that came to mind during our research was: What is the difference between fatty15 and an omega-3 EPA? Research suggests that fatty15 has “3x more cellular benefits than the purest, highest performing omega-3” in places like our hearts, joints, and immune systems. If you have issues with omega-3s or had to choose between an omega-3 or C15:0, research seems to point to C15:0 being the superior one to choose. 

We don’t promote products that we haven’t used ourselves. AGEIST team member Taylor has been using fatty15 for the last month in place of her normal omega-3 fish oil supplement. “While it’s hard to do a traditional A-B test to show changes to my inner health from taking fatty15 without a before and after blood test, I feel good knowing that I’m taking a supplement to protect my cells and support my body during the aging process. Plus, I love how it’s just one small capsule a day. Much smaller than my previous fish oil supplement!” Another fatty15 customer, V.B, says: “My blood test after taking [fatty15] for 6 months [is the] best I have had in 10 years. Low lipids and perfect a1c.”

Want to try fatty15? Use code “AGEIST” for 15% off their 90-day subscription Starter Kit here.

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Taylor Marks
Taylor Marks is a certified holistic health coach and professionally trained chef from The Institute of Culinary Education. Her passions include the latest research in health science, culinary arts, holistic wellness, and guiding others towards feeling their best.

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