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Broaden Your Approach to Protecting Your Immune System

SuperAge through the holidays and into the new year with lifestyle choices that boost your immune system.

It’s that time of year: holiday parties, celebrations, family gatherings, and the ringing in of a brand new year. And with all that joy and frivolity comes a bit of added stress, right alongside the height of cold and flu season. All of these factors make it a key time to broaden your approach to protecting your immune system. As we’ve always done with regards to SuperAging, we turn to science (and science-backed solutions) for ways to best support and improve our health. Our brand partner, SRW, shares this commitment to science, research, and wellness. Their mission to transform the way we experience aging is not only inspirational, it is effective. 

How you age is your choice

Our behavior and lifestyle choices determine 70% of our health, meaning we have a lot of agency in how we choose to age. The 5 SuperAge Longevity Pillars speak to the areas where we all need to focus on doing our part: sleep, nutrition, movement, stress management, and connection. If any of these areas are out of balance, we are not maximizing our opportunity in healthy aging. 

Our choices can have an enormous impact on our health, and the even better news is that science can supplement and enhance the work we are doing — especially as we look to address aging at the cellular level. This is where Imm¹ Defence by SRW comes in. Our cellular age can be changed. 

70-80% of our immune system is related to our gut health

We are each born with an innate immune system and, as we go about living, we build up our own, unique adaptive immunity. Both the innate and the adaptive systems work together and are responsible for the effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of our immune response. It is a complex process that slows down as we are exposed to pathogens, when we deal with stress, and as we age. 

The Immune System Defence by SRW supports overall immune system health and can speed up recovery times in periods of stress or illness. Working via the gut and alongside the body’s natural antibodies, Imm¹ speeds up your natural immune response, supports gut homeostasis, and boosts overall cellular health. 

“Body awareness not only anchors you in the present moment, it is a doorway out of the prison that is the ego. It also strengthens the immune system and the body’s ability to heal itself,” Eckhart Tolle. Our body does have a natural ability to heal itself, but unfortunately that ability lessens as we age. It is important to be aware of our natural abilities and to be aware of the science available to enhance our natural defense system.

Want to learn more about how SRW Imm¹ can boost your immune system and slow your cellular aging? Use the code “AGEIST20” at checkout to receive 20% off.

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