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A New Member of the NOOM Community

The NOOM program helps with weight loss, nutrition and fitness — but what is it actually like to use? We find out.

I started the NOOM program on September 23, which was a Friday. I was tired of not making my nutritional needs a priority, and I signed up. That first weekend may have felt more structured than usual, but I was already adapting to a new routine by Monday. 

I‘ve not been shy about sharing the fact that I am currently a NOOMER, and all of my social circles have immediately asked versions of the same few questions: Do you like it? Does it work? and What are your goals?

Do I like it?
Yes. The NOOM program is easy to use, syncs with most existing fitness trackers, and holds me accountable for my nutrition, hydration, and movement goals. It is so much more than an app to log your daily food and beverage consumption. 

And while all of those features are great, what I surprisingly enjoy the most are the daily articles. As a part of onboarding, I completed an assessment with a variety of personal questions about me, my habits, and my specific aspirations. 

Part of that process included a time commitment to reading each day. This initially felt like an added task, but I reminded myself to take advantage of all the program has to offer and committed to 5 minutes of reading each day. Guess what? It was more effective than I could have imagined. These really short, motivating lessons are my new way of starting off each day. Instead of opening social media first thing in the morning, my mind craves the behavioral-based NOOM content. It has become a much better way to start my day.

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Does it work?
Yes. In the sneakily scientific questionnaire, I was asked if I was the type of person that likes to get it done quickly, feels that slow and steady wins the race, or something in the middle. I chose slow and steady as I am not always the best at changing my habits and I thrive with routines. 

Slow and steady works for me. I’ve easily and intentionally replaced chips with fruit (grapes happen to be my current go-to), added greens back into my breakfast smoothie, and upped my daily servings of water. (Hydration is vital!)

The small, daily nutritional adjustments and incremental shifts in my exercise routine felt natural and led to a weight loss of 4 pounds in just over 4 weeks. Although on any given day that number is different as NOOM suggests a daily morning weigh-in. I was dreading daily weigh-ins, but now it just feels like a routine. 

What are my goals?
Before taking the assessment (or formally weighing in), I planned on a weight loss goal of 5 pounds and an increased nutritional awareness. As a creature of habit, I tend to eat the same things most days — and those are not always the most nutritionally packed foods. (Ok, I love carbs…)

Through the initial assessment (and subsequent weigh-in), I adjusted my weight loss goal to 10 pounds. For extra motivation, I added an upcoming December birthday as a deadline. Currently I am only slightly behind on hitting that very achievable date but, for me, slow and steady is winning the race and the smaller changes are easier to maintain in the long run.  

The bigger, and perhaps more important change, has been around food choices. While NOOM never food shames, the nutritional chart gently nudges you in the right direction. I am finding ways to add foods with less caloric density into my day — and that is what matters to me. 

NOOM is offering AGEIST readers a free 14-day trial. Click here to start your complimentary assessment. And, keep an eye out for month two of my NOOM journey. 

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Ashley Feltner
Ashley is a writer, an artist, and an ideator who has placed storytelling into her process for bringing sales and marketing ideas to life for over 20 years. Her background includes recruiting, training, content development, and ERG leadership within highly matrixed organizations that provide her a unique perspective and an ability to authentically connect with individuals from all walks of life. With the desire to place a little humanity into the digital experience, Ashley believes that words do matter, a little empathy goes a long way, and having a purpose in life is imperative. She and her husband Gabe live in Nashville, TN with two very active teenage daughters and two very lazy field spaniels.

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