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3 Fun (and Easy) Ways To Boost Your Winter Hydration

Little packets that pack a BIG punch — especially for active lifestyles over 50. Here are three simple lifestyle changes to improve hydration.

I sometimes get the winter blues as I prefer to do my cardio outside. And as a routine-oriented individual, I have to adjust my exercise routine, pay attention to my hydration needs, and plan ahead for days with good weather. (I will only run, walk, or hike when temperatures are well above freezing!) This year, I decided to get creative with one of our favorite brand partners, LMNT, to energize my days when it’s cold outside. 

You may recall from a previous article that as we age, our ability to recognize our thirst lessons — and just at a time when we really need to pay extra attention to our hydration needs. For those of us who exercise and enjoy being active, dehydration can lead to fatigue, dizziness, confusion, muscle cramps, and decreased performance. 

#1 Lemon water in the morning

Starting off your day with lemon water is just so easy. That one glass on an empty stomach can aid in digestion, boost hydration, increase your metabolic rate, improve your mood, and provide an energy boost. If you add in ¼ of a packet of the LMNT raw, unflavored electrolyte mix, those benefits could be amplified. The overall results?

  • Improved electrolyte balance — as salt is crucial for maintaining body fluid balance — which can aid in hydration, especially after overnight fasting.
  • An aid in digestion, as salt in the morning can stimulate the production of digestive juices that aid in our digestion process throughout the day.
  • An energy boost. The potassium in lemons helps with brain and nerve function, which can increase your alertness.
  • Increased vitamin C absorption — the ascorbic acid is an antioxidant that reinforces immune functionality and catalyzes collagen synthesis.

#2 The workout water

Electrolyte intake around workouts requires special consideration for those of us over 50. My favorite flavors for workout water are citrus and orange, while my husband prefers the grapefruit. 

  • Drinking electrolytes before a workout can be particularly beneficial as we age to help ensure proper hydration and electrolyte balance from the start, which is crucial for maintaining endurance, preventing cramps, or staving off fatigue.
  • Replenishing electrolytes after a workout is essential for older adults to replace what we lose through sweat. This is important for our recovery and to maintain muscle function.
  • When we take on longer or more strenuous workouts, consuming electrolytes during exercise helps to continuously replace electrolytes lost in sweat — and we still sweat in the winter, especially during intense activity. 

#3 The coffee routine

I love my coffee — and I love it more now that it is not the absolute first thing on my empty stomach in the morning. Coffee on an empty stomach can lead to acid reflux, increased anxiety, digestive issues, big swings in your blood sugar levels, dehydration, lower mineral absorption and, over time, persistent gastrointestinal issues. 

I now love my winter cup of coffee even more with the LMNT chocolate medley mix. I’m currently frothing in ¼ a packet of the Chocolate Caramel and, as an added bonus, I have completely eliminated the small amount of sugar I had been clinging to. It is delicious and a treat that I look forward to each morning. Next up, I plan to try the Chocolate Chai as I am a big fan of a Chai Latte. 

Get salty in 2024

At AGEIST, we are advocates for the small and intentional lifestyle changes that have a big impact on how we age. Drink the lemon water in the morning. Add some fun to your coffee routine. Put a little LMNT into your day. Let’s get salty

For those of you looking for a little fun AND looking to reap all the benefits of proper hydration, LMNT is offering our readers a free 8-serving sample pack with any purchase here

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