The Sleep Doctor’s Guide to a Restful Life: Dr. Michael Breus “The Sleep Doctor”

How much impact does sleep really have on daily life? How do my partner and I both find our perfect sleep temperatures? What are a few easy habits that can revolutionize my sleep? What sleep chronotype am I? How serious is sleep apnea? 

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Dr. Michael Breus, the internationally renowned “Sleep Doctor” joins us to discuss how to achieve optimal sleep, the side effects of poor sleep and rest habits, and how little changes can often be the first dominoes that lead to life-changing improvement. 

“Memory Foam sleeps hot.”

“Here is my favorite hack for sleep partners who disagree on temperature. Someone who gets too hot should try sleeping in the nude. This enables your body to thermoregulate much better, as there’s less of a barrier. A partner who often gets cold should try wearing socks to bed. We often lose a lot of heat through our feet.”

“For folks who don’t want to run their AC all night long, freeze a plastic bottle of water, put it in a tube sock, then place it against the outside of your hips. It will immediately cool you down.”

“With patients who had mild symptoms of age-related memory loss, once we got their apnea fixed, what we thought was dementia and Alzheimer’s literally disappeared because they were breathing and getting into these deeper stages of sleep.”

“When I cross the ‘finish line of life’ as they call it, I want to be ZOOMING around at my full capacity.”

“You don’t have to run a marathon, but you do have to get off of the couch.”

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