The Power of Vulnerability: Greg Scheinman

Why do men struggle with being vulnerable? What are the life expectancy differences between men and women? How can we connect with new people in real life? What is the importance of asking people for help, especially for men? What’s the deal with mansplaining? 

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Greg Scheinman is the creator of The Midlife Male™, a newsletter and podcast designed to help men navigate and maximize middle age to achieve a better quality of life. Greg is a former partner at Insgroup, the founder and former CEO of Team Baby Entertainment, founder and former CEO of ROW Studios, and an investor. 

Greg joins us to discuss why men tend to struggle with being vulnerable and asking for help, how to get 1% better each day, the importance of reaching out to new people, and more. 

“How do we flip the midlife crisis on its ear and see that the next phase is our best phase rather than our best days being behind us?” 

“58% of men in midlife report anxiety, loneliness, frustration, fear of aging, deep regret around the decisions that matter most. And it’s a time period where self-confidence is at an all time low.” 

“You don’t go from fat to fit overnight. You don’t go from unhealthy to healthy overnight. It’s a series of daily wins and progress.” 

“Weakness is not asking for help. The weakness is thinking you know everything, that you’ve got to push that boulder up the hill all by yourself. That you’ve got to have all the answers.” 

“What if instead of viewing aging as something to be afraid of, as something to fear, what if we started to see aging as something aspirational, something inspiring?”

“Focus on the small little wins or the 1% better each and every day.” 

“Don’t just be in motion. Take action.” 

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