Solutions for Financial Wellness: Jacqueline Catala

Why is the tech industry a great career option for people over 50? How do you get into the industry? Where should someone start? What online schools and programs are the best for learning these skill sets? What is the discrepancy between our lifespan and our wealth span

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Jacqueline Catala, Senior Technology Consultant, joins us to discuss the booming tech industry. She shares why people 50+ are so valuable in this industry, why you might want to consider joining the tech world, and how you can get into it risk free. 

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00:06:38 Welcome to our guest, Jacqueline Catala
00:07:15 Jacqueline’s background
00:08:30 Why Jacqueline works in tech
00:11:30 The supply & demand mismatch in tech
00:16:00 Who can become a programmer & how hard is it?
00:19:45 What are the really hot, high-demand areas of the tech industry?
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00:29:30 Where to start
00:34:00 Different schools where you can learn these skills
00:40:00 Uber driver analogy
00:45:00 How the job force is changing
00:57:25 Thank you to our guest, Jacqueline

“We’re going to have a scarcity of software programmers of 1.2 million by 2026. So, the need is growing and the people that are going into it is lessening.”

“2-5 years from now, when Elon Musk gets his way and we have self-driving cars, who still has a job? The Uber driver or the computer? The person who’s telling the computer what to do is the one who has a job. Not the Uber driver. This is happening in many industries.” 

“This is where all the jobs are going and if you want to be someone that’s sought after, go learn this stuff.” 

“Learning something new can be daunting but once you learn it, it’s no big deal.”

“I want people to understand that just because they’re older, in a career where the supply of people is very low and the demand is very high, being older and more experienced makes you more valuable.” 

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