How To Pivot to a New Career: Willie Banks, Three-Time Olympian

What is it like to be a three-time Olympian and hold the world record for 10 years? What is it like to then lose that title? How can we transition from one identity to another? How can we get out of our minds and into a flow state?

Willie Banks, Olympic athlete and former 10-year triple-jump world record holder, joins us this week on the SuperAge podcast to share his wisdom. He discusses what it felt like to be an Olympic world record holder for 10 years, how he reaches flow state to stop his mind from taking over during competition, the three things that helped him when transitioning out of his athletic career, and more.

What you will learn in this episode:

-How he reaches his flow state as an athlete and how the rest of us can apply that to our daily lives

-The three things that made transitioning out of his athletic career easier

-How movement is vital to staying healthy

-How Zumba has become part of his routine

“I was devastated. I could not believe that I was no longer that guy.”

“Everybody in life has to be open to new things. And if you’re not, if you’re closed in, if that’s what you are, then you’re going to be whole disappointed because you never know what’s going to happen.”

“There are so many parts of you that you have to recognize and that you have to groom that you may not have paid attention to because you had the one thing that was important.”

“I really think, if you’re moving, you’re grooving. Motion is lotion.”

Listen to the SuperAge podcast wherever you get your pods. https://www.ageist.com/category/superage-podcast/ 

The OLY you see after Willie’s name is just like Ph.D or MD and was created to give Olympians the public recognition they deserve for the years of dedication to their sport.


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Taylor Marks
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