Health, Work and Age in the Metaverse: Bradley Schurman

What are the metaverse and Web3? How can people 50+ benefit from rapidly advancing technology? How will the metaverse and Web3 change our work lives? What about how we connect with our communities? How will the future of technology correct for ageism, racism, sexism?

Bradley Schurman, an author, demographic futurist, and opinion maker on all things dealing with the business of longevity, joins us on the SuperAge podcast for a fascinating discussion about rapidly advancing technology like the metaverse and Web3. Bradley explains how we can keep up with these innovations and use them to our advantage.

What you will learn in this episode:
– What the metaverse and Web3 are
– How the metaverse and Web3 will change our work lives and how we connect with our communities
– How nursing homes are using technology to keep their residents connected
– How the future of technology will correct for discrimination against age, gender, location, appearance
– Fraud in the digital space
– Why it is so important to stay up to date with these innovations or risk being left behind

“Thanks to decades of scientific and social innovation, we are in almost every measure living healthier, longer lives than ever before. So this idea that the age of 65 is somehow a stopping point has really become outdated.”

“It’s a lot like a tree. When we’re young, all trees look the same, we all have the same kind of sapling, the same kind of structure. But as we live, we become more diverse. We have different outcroppings of branches, and leaves, and different cycles of when we bud.”

“Tech companies’ single biggest problem is ageism. It’s not racism or sexism it is ageism and there is enough data out there to prove that.”

“As we enter this new period of time for humans where there are more older people and fewer younger people, technologies like Web3 and Metaverse, they’re going to help us find efficiencies in the system because we simply don’t have enough younger people to take care of the older population.”

“There are a lot of constructs in the world so why can’t they be in the virtual world as well? They will be. We’ll carry those constructs with us.”

00:00:00 Welcome to the podcast
00:00:37 About today’s show
00:02:38 Call in to leave a voicemail +1 801-871-5291
00:03:39 Thank you to our sponsor, InsideTracker
00:04:52 Introducing Bradley Schurman
00:05:11 About Bradley’s book, The Super Age
00:12:12 About the evolution of technology and the metaverse
00:16:52 Healthcare and technology
00:19:27 The metaverse and decreasing job hiring discrimination
00:24:39 The adoption & challenges of new technologies
00:34:41 Practical uses of the metaverse
00:35:37 Crafting our digital avatars vs who we are in the real world
00:43:40 Fraud in the digital space
00:45:53 The issue for those who are resistant to learning new technologies
00:52:00 Finding the value in things that we cannot physically interact with
00:58:13 How technology will change our work lives

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Connect with Bradley:
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