Are Injectables the Future of Plastic Surgery?: Dr. Lara Devgan

How can we optimize our skin without injectables? When are injectables a good idea? What about surgery? What lifestyle habits improve the way we look? What products should we use for hydration, texture, hyperpigmentation, or fine lines?

Dr. Lara Devgan is a board-certified, Yale-educated, Johns Hopkins Medical School-instructed, and Columbia/ New York Presbyterian Hospital-trained plastic & reconstructive surgeon. Her special interests are cosmetic surgery of the face and body, and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, skin cancer, and facial injuries. She joins us on the podcast to discuss the different options for aesthetic enhancement from skincare to injectables to surgery.

What you will learn:
– How to optimize your skin without any injectables
– The lifestyle habits that improve the look of our skin
– The power of injectables
– When surgery is a good option for someone
– What society gets wrong about plastic surgery

“One of the best things that you can do for your own self esteem and for your own facial beauty is to allow certain flaws to continue to exist.”

“I would never want to create in the world this idea that anybody who is not interested in plastic surgery needs plastic surgery. I think the whole goal of plastic surgery as a field is to give people safe, medically appropriate options. Not to create the need to adhere to a certain kind of body image.”

“Why is it so impossible to consider that you can be a person of substance who also cares about how they present to the world?”

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Connect with Dr. Lara Devgan:
Website – https://laradevganmd.com
Instagram – https://instagram.com/laradevganmd
Skincare Brand – https://drlaradevgan.com


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